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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday 14 July 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are working hard but at the same time you have some lack of trust in your own efforts, that is why your performance is less than what you are capable of doing
Do – You wish to gain knowledge and to influence others in relationships, that is a situation which can actually help you to increase your focus and bring out your abilities
Don’t – Don’t have unnecessary apprehensions on your mind with regard to money, otherwise it can lead to stress of your thinking which must be avoided
Vrish – You are carrying some stress in your family on account of which there are changes in the offing, you even wish to change your place of stay as you are not happy
Day special – There is need for you to discuss & communicate, if you stay dissatisfied then the matters will get more & more complicated
Mithun – You have the ability and you are trying hard from your side, with that goodness lot of achievements are possible especially in terms of financial rewards
Do – Gains from home & family are indicated, but all this is possible with your positive involvement which you have at this stage
Don’t – Don’t let any stress emerge in your personal life as a result of your apprehensions, speak pleasantly to others and that will protect you in many ways
Karka – Your financial position is coming under pressure, you are also worried that someone may cheat you or harm you
Day special – You are uneasy & unstable in what you speak also, that can also lead to harm for you from which you have to protect yourself,
Simha – Your focus towards augmenting your financial position is remarkable, but your routine kind of issues and expenses are uncontrolled for which you are worried
Do – Lot of careful planning is needed on day to day basis, but most important is to trust others as much as you can as lack of trust can take away the gains of this period also
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships needs to be nurtured carefully, this is a factor which needs to be remembered by you for a long time
Kanya – You may be trying various things in the form of changes or far off linkages, but in the process you are creating lot of pressures & stress for yourself which is to be avoided
Day Special – Financial position is under pressure as you are not taking care, on top of it you are increasing your outflows or losses by your impulsive decisions, there is need to understand that
Tula – Financial position is remarkable and your entire work related focus is beautifully indicated, as a result you are even willing to take risks at this stage
Do – As far as some big moves or changes are concerned you have to be careful, especially in matters where some change of place is on your mind
Don’t – Don’t forget that these are good times and you have to get the best advantage out of this, but in your efforts don’t be too pushy or too forceful as it can lead to differences of opinion
Vrishchik – You have worries connected with your work, but side by side you have lot of goodness also which you are able to gather at this moment
Day special – On one hand your own focus towards work is remarkable, on the other hand you are getting adequate support from people who are important and that is a good thing, then why are you so worried for those hidden factors which are bothering you at this stage
Dhanu – Worries in personal life are indicated, so much so that you are thinking in terms of extremes to take those big decisions also
Do – Keep lot of patience as this is not the period to pressurize yourself, you have to trust others fully as only then things can be kept under control
Don’t – Don’t forget that psychological upsets can cause more harm than anything else, you have to therefore keep a lot of patience and try to understand the other persons’ point of view as well
Makar – Stress & pressures are there especially connected with health, if you have been ignoring your health then this is the period to get those investigations done which you have been ignoring
Day special – More important than anything else you have to learn to remain happy, even in distressful situations there is always some goodness which you can try & understand and that will give you the satisfaction in life
Kumbh – You are worried for some love relationship, at the same time your family issues are surfacing which are getting more & more complicated
Do – Try to have trust in the views of others, if you wish to take some relationship forward then it may take time, that is also a reality which you will have to accept
Don’t – Don’t therefore create any issues in your mind which can cause upsets, especially in terms of making any mistakes from your side you have to be careful
Meena – Matters connected with home & family have to be handled very carefully, otherwise they can lead to conflicts, if you trust your own people they will come forward to help you and that is a reality
Day special – Your own goodness is abundant but it is getting vitiated because of your own thinking, this period therefore requires that you have to keep lot of peace on your mind, getting into psychological conflicts will cause upsets which need to be controlled

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