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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Friday 22 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – you are coming out of depression and anxiety and entering into a phase of lack of trust for yourself, that is the culprit and that is why your performance is not improving
Do – you must understand that this is a passing phase which will change very soon, you have the ability but you are not putting it into right use
Don’t – don’t therefore stress yourself by complicating your own thinking, remain positive and look at the goodness around you, that includes your vibrant relationships and your forcefulness in your abilities.
Vrish –you may not be happy with your financial position because you think that savings are not there, but you are yourself not able to convert your financial inflows into savings.
Day special – psychologically you have to condition your mind to get this advantage, therefore you will have to start converting your abilities into right kind of involvements.
Mithun –your own lack of trust is leading you to your present situation, that is why you are not able to fulfill your responsibilities the way you are capable of.
Do – you can take the guidance of the people around you who can be very supportive, for that reason you will also have to create a sense of trust which is very essential at all times.
Don’t – therefore ignore people around you, they can make a difference in your life if you are positive about it
Karka –your impulsive and wasteful expenses are not looking as good, that is making you uneasy and dissatisfied in many ways.
Day special –more than anything else your health is also under threat, although there is overall protection yet health related issues need to be taken care of with lot of patience.
Simha –financial angle is not well placed as you would like it to be, that is why your relationships are also not shaping up the way you want.
Do – if you understand that there are weaknesses in this period then you will not push for any relationship at this stage. You will wait for better times and that is absolutely essential.
Don’t – don’t therefore forget to plan carefully for financial matters, your impulsiveness in not rationally thinking is where the problem lies.
Kanya –you may not be happy with the work situation which is shaping up at this moment, because your expectations are not being met and you are uneasy on account of those reasons.
Day special –one of the major factor for this uneasiness is your home and family, they are too forceful and possibly pressurizing you more then what you can take.
Tula –you cannot blame luck were your own mistakes are showing, if you have created certain differences of opinion by your own thinking then you are yourself responsible.
Do – there is reason for you to understand that constant involvement is needed, you should remain so busy that there should not be any moment which may lead to these problems.
Don’t – don’t at the same time forget that work related involvements needs to be upgraded, and that has to be done by removing the anxiety which you carry on your mind .
Vrishchik –there are many hidden factors which keep on bothering you and that is the weakness of this period, you will have to therefore understand that finding happiness at each moment is essential and that is what you should target.
Day special – your own goodness is abundantly placed and your warmth with your loved ones is adequately showing, for that reason some love relationship may also give you a lot of happiness .
Dhanu –you may not be happy with your partner as much as you want, that is why your own uneasiness is showing in a negative manner which is not the right thing to do.
Do – you have to keep a lot of peace on your mind and not complicate the matters, goodness comes in bits and pieces and never in totality, you will have to find those pieces and make a picture which is the best picture for you at the moment .
Don’t – don’t also think in terms of extremes as far as changes or change of place are concerned, you will have to keep a lot of patience for a while.
Makar –you are stressing your health on account of various reasons, your thinking is becoming a bit negative and that is where the whole problems lies.
Day special – there are many thoughts of changes or alternatives on your mind, that is why these extremes of thinking is bothering you more than anything else
Kumbh –you are not happy with certain relationships as they are emerging, you are also not able to discuss the matters the way you can and that is where you are creating routine kind of problems for yourself
Do – financial angle is generally stable but you will have to take care in what you speak, you may have good intensions in your mind but those very factors may be used against you in a negative manner.
Don’t – don’t be careless in what you speak, each word has to be carefully thought as that can give you the right path, don’t make a mistake in that
Meena –pressures in home and family are indicated and you are not happy, it has its own negative impact on your work place which is not looking as good.
Day special –largely it is a question of how you are able to plan your steps ahead, for that you will have to look at your own goodness and be thankful for all the virtues which have been bestowed upon you, that is the way to be thankful to god for all this goodness which has been achieved

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