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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday 21 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –in your efforts there are too many ups and downs, so much so that nothing is getting achieved with this instability .
Day special – as a result there can be pressures in home and family also, you are yourself aware that there are weaknesses which will have to be avoided with your own efforts.
Vrish –you sometimes think that your knowledge should be further increased, the idea is to improve your professional performance and your destiny
Do – your involvement in your personal life is higher and taking priority, therefore your emotional thoughts are over powering on you, that is why this imbalance is there.
Don’t –don’t forget that as a result your own efforts are getting reduced, you are yourself aware of this weaknesses but you are not able to do anything about that.
Mithun – deficiency in personal life is getting reflected in your professional life as well, that is why there are some lingering differences of opinion which are continuing for you and which are troubling you.
Day special –there is reason for you to understand that finances will have to be arranged for your needs, that is why you may be thinking of proper financial planning and as a result getting dissatisfied also
Karka - many thoughts are there which includes changes and travels also, but nothing may be achieved by thinking in terms of extremes the way you are thinking
Do – you may be depending more and more on luck, that is not going to create any major differences as far as your thought process is concerned, therefore you will have to change your negative mindset which is troubling you.
Don’t – don’t still forget that this is a generally stable and lucky period in which nothing really is wrong, depending on luck is all right but it should not be at the cost of any involvement which may affect your health.
Simha – financial angle is such that you will have to take extra care, otherwise your money may be stuck and you may be put into difficulties.
Day special – there are issues in personal life which are disturbing you, you have to take care of your own people and if there are problems then you will have to resolve them also with your patience
Kanya – professional life is not shaping up the way you would expect, that is why you are depending more and more on your associates and partners to help you out.
Do – your own efforts may have obstacles in them, but your efforts only can do a lot for you, that is why your own psychological makeup must remain very stable at this stage.
Don’t –don’t let any kind of lack of trust appear in your work or for your associates, you will have to depend on them and move along with them.
Tula –there are many thoughts on your mind which are effecting you negatively, health is one factor which is bothering you but more than that your own extremes of thinking is the problem which you are facing at this moment.
Day special –any kind of unstable discussion or behavior may lead to more of differences, that is where a lot of patience is needed as you have to control these patterns.
Vrishchik - there may be obstacles in overall relationships, on the financial front also you may be stressed, therefore a lot is needed to handle your own psychological makeup with care .
Do – take care of your loved ones as much as you can, money may come and go, and that is of no consequence as such.
Don’t –don’t at the same time depend too much on luck and move with care and caution, but remain optimistic as that is the bigger thought behind all this .
Dhanu –personal life issues are negatively impacting your stability of home and family also, therefore you will have to be very rational in your thinking and not think in terms of extremes.
Day special – there is abundant stability and happiness in home and family, therefore you will have to take that into account and move along with your own people.
Makar – routine kind of issues may lead to stress and problems, it may even impact your performance and efforts which is not looking good.
Do - on the financial front at least you may be benefited as there are many factors which are stable, but your expectations are still higher and you are still not as satisfied as you should be.
Don’t –don’t therefore let your expenses go beyond your control, you have this tendency of doing more than what is required and that is not the right thing to do .
Kumbh – obstacles may impact your finances negatively, even in matters connected with financial planning you will have to be careful that you do not go wrong.
Day special – in emotional relationships or in some love relationship you have to be careful in what you speak, you cannot be too egoistic and then create stress for yourself.
Meena –matters of home and family are not as comfortably placed as they should be, that is affecting you negatively and creating psychological pressures on you which need to be controlled.
Do – your self-confidence is high and that is a protecting force which you carry, but still you need to have a lot of patience.
Don’t –don’t also forget that your efforts must continue to be at an optimum level, in that manner you will have to control the obstacles which are moving along with you side by side, that is where your pragmatism will be needed .

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