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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tuesday 5 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Because Of pressures on your Mind You Are Not Able To Perform As Well Your Thinking Of So Many Things At The Same Time and that is Reducing Your Focus As Well .
Day special –You May Be Thinking of Many Changes But there Are Opstacles And Issues Which Will Not Let That Happen You Will Have To therefore Postpone Your Plans
Vrish –You Are Not Happy With Your Savings Although Your Regular Inflows’ are Stable, But Your Not Able To Plan For Big Spendings or Investments
Do There Also thoughts in your minds Which Are connected with changes, but those will also be postponed because of financial reasons
don’t go for stress yourself because everything has to take time, keep that pateince which is required
Mithun –there are responsibility on you and you have to arrange for funds, for that your getting stressed on account of this very response
Day special –largely whatever you are doing is becoming beneficial .on account of that you will be able to fulfill your needs and responsibilities also.
Karka -you are thinking that someone may take advantage of you or cheat you, and your thoughts are not wrong because the circumstances are placed like that
Do – work related involvement will have to be increase .luck may favor you but your own efforts are lacking.
Don’t – don’t forget that your own knowledge and abilities will help you at this stage, only then the situation will improve.
Simha – you are not happy with your financial position, and the situation is also not comfortable, you will have to therefore protect your finances further by careful planning so that this weakness is curtailed
Day special – there are many factors which are contributing to this situation, your tendency to take loans and the problems on account of that will have to be curtailed,
Kanya – work related situation is becoming weak and you are becoming more and more unhappy, you will have to therefore understand that nothing comes easily in this world .
Do – if there are obstacles they will have to be removed by your own efforts. For that purposes you can associate with others and take their help also
Don’t –don’t still be careless in your financial dealings, you cannot risk your money at the stage unnecessarily as that is dangerous.
Tula –luck may not favour you and you cannot depend on luck unnecessarily0, in fact you will have to focus on your own involvements which can be positive
Day special –somehow the situation is not as comfortable as you would like it to be, and on top of it you are being careless also from your side which is complicating the matters further.
Vrishchik - your apprehensions are causing more stress on your mind than what is actually required, that is why some carefulness is needed which requires psychological stability
Do – your own abilities are abundant which have to be used properly, but more than anything else you will have to showcase those abilities so that others are able to appreciate that.
Don’t – don’t therefore be apprehensive there are many good factors also available to you, you will have to depend on them.
Dhanu – you are not happy in your relationships as you think that there are issues involved in that, but these are thoughts made up in the mind and the situation is not as bad
Day special – try to find peace and solutions in home and family, that is where your strength lies and you will be benefitted
Makar –conflicts in home and family will have to be controlled, for that reason you will have to communicate with stability on your mind.
Do_plan your situations carefully and properly, financial angle is stable and that will help you in doing so
Don’t_ don’t forget that any alternative at this stage may have some confusion attached to it, that will require very careful thought and peace of mind
Kumbh –some love relationship is not stable as you are not happy with that, that is why there are weaknesses in whatever you are doing
Day special –rewards from your work are abundant and that is your strength, but relationships will not improve as much as you want ,
Meena _ issues connected with property can actually bother you, but there is lot of protection which you have at this stage and which can help you immensely
Do – your ability to discuss your matters forcefully and decisively will help you, that will also benefit you on the financial front
Don’t –don’t carry unnecessary apprehensions in personal life as well, if there are weaknesses they will take time to resolve, remember that.

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