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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday 4 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your thoughts for travels or changes are becoming strong but you cannot depend on these thoughts as they are not going to give you the desired rewards.
Do – Whatever seems lucrative may not be so, everything which shines is not gold.
Don’t – Don’t therefore, plan for any big changes or moves, it can have difficulties attached to them which may not be as good.
Vrish – Relationships are not shaping up the way you want, even your positive discussions may not give you the desired results.
Day special – Money should not be the consideration for taking decisions at this stage, relationships will have to be given importance as they are deteriorating
Mithun – You are not happy with the issues in your personal life, that is having a negative impact on your work related situation as well.
Do – Your expectations are higher and your own ways are erratic, that is why these problems are emerging.
Don’t – Don’t wreck up old issues as they can complicate your life further, don’t, therefore, be too negative in whatever you are thinking.
Karka - Anything to do with travels or changes will have to be postponed, whatever seems to be good may not give you matching rewards.
Day special – Whatever is being told to you is not the reality, someone is trying to cheat you and you will have to protect yourself
Simha – Financial position is weak and you are distressed, there are pressures on you which will have to be handled very carefully.
Do – In personal life and in relationships there are issues which are getting more and more complicated, you will have to, therefore, keep your own patience
Don’t – Don’t forget that work related advantage is still maintained, you can work hard to resolve your issues and that is the only way forward.
Kanya - Work related matters are very weakly placed, but personal life can be stable and supportive.
Day special – Complications on your professional work are reemerging to cause distress, you will have to; therefore keep a lot of patience for a while to let this troublesome period pass.
Tula – Expenses or losses are bothering you and may complicate your financial planning, especially if there are liabilities then you are further distressed.
Do – As a result of these pressures you have to avoid getting into any kind of differences, that is not going to solve the problem.
Don’t – Don’t also not let your financial position get into complications, rather there is need for proper financial planning.
Vrishchik – Financial inflows are not as well placed and there can be problems, you will have to therefore, protect your money at every step.
Day special – Your savings are stable and intact, that is the saving situation which can immensely protect you from various ups and downs.
Dhanu – Work related situation is weak and that is a reality which you have to accept, for that reason you cannot depend on whatever others are promising you.
Do – Your emotional make up must remain very stable as that is important, that will help you to take care of your own people, which is very important.
Don’t – Don’t therefore, keep your expectations high and try to be happy, that is always important in life and it is required now
Makar – Luck may not favor you as much as you want, that is why differences may arise and complications may arise
Day special – Issues in personal life will have to be handled carefully, getting into conflicts is going to further cause problems.
Kumbh – Some love relationship is not going to give you any happiness, there are too many factors which are complicating and which are not giving you trust.
Do – It is advisable to postpone these thoughts for a while, many things can show its true picture with passage of time.
Don’t – Don’t, therefore, complicate the issues with any kind of aggressive discussion, even that is not going to solve the issues at this stage.
Meena – Personal life issues are very weakly placed, your dependence on resolving them may also not work out.
Day special – If any matter has reemerged after passage of time then you will have to be all the more careful, a lot of peace and patience will be required so that nothing gets complicated at this stage.

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