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Monday, April 25, 2011

Tuesday 26 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –on professional matters also you are thinking of big moves and big changes, but there is a inherent factor in which you will have to protect yourself from loss
Do – keeping peace and patience is more important, conflicts of any nature will lead to harm, you must remain very peaceful and contended at the moment.
Don’t –
Vrish –you may get gains from your supporters and well wishers, but at the same time your expenses will also increase which you will have to protect .
Day special – overall pattern is motivating and supportive, there are gains from many sources and you will be happy with that.
Mithun –you may be keen to arrange funds from various sources for your work ,for that reason there is some psychological uneasiness which you carry at the moment .
Do – for these very reasons you have created obstacles and distress in your home and family ,maintaining peace in personal life is more important .
Don’t – don’t let your professional life get problems in any manner, you will have to plan carefully and execute those plans also carefully.
Karka –very auspicious as everything is in place, luck is favoring you and overall prosperity is indicated for you.
Day special –this period will further motivate you as a result of your association with your loved ones ,on accounts of that you will be motivated to work hard and to do so much more for your own loved ones .
Simha –goodness of this period is reduced because you are thinking negatively ,but there are issues which you have to handle very carefully as you cannot neglect them in any manner .
Do – expenses will have to be curtailed as they can complicate your matters ,that is where some carefulness is needed
Don’t – don’t forget that personal life matters and happiness is all important, don’t do anything which disturbs that stability in any manner .
Kanya –there are obstacles which will disturb the stability of your personal life or with your partners and associates, therefore you will have to control the emotions which you carry as they can complicate the matters .
Day special – remain committed to your loved ones at any cost ,don’t let your thoughts become such that they show dishonesty from your side .
Tula –financial matters need to be handled carefully, for that reason your interaction and cooperation with others must also be maintained at an optimal level .
Do – you will have to take care of your own people in home and family ,and side by side you will have to control the pressures and conflicts also which you are carrying .
Don’t – don’t still show patterns of changes of your views repeatedly, especially in taking any big decision, for the purpose of change you will have to be more careful
Vrishchik –your involvement in some love relationship can be very strong ,but at the same time you are also motivated to remain committed in what you have to do .
Day special – there is a pattern of your own knowledge and skills which can bring you enormous benefit, you will have to use that knowledge judiciously so that you get that advantage.
Dhanu –you may be thinking of change or change of place to come closer to your own people ,for that reason emotional relations are important to you in many ways .
Do – any thoughts of change of place or to return to your own home or loved ones is very important in your mind ,because that is where your happiness lies
Don’t – don’t at the same time forget that you have responsibilities to fulfill, for that reason don’t speak anything harsh as that is not going to be beneficial .
Makar –gains are indicated but more than that it is the motivation which will help you to work hard ,for that reason you have a good period coming up for you .
Day special – you must communicate effectively with others , that will help you to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires at the same time .
Kumbh –gains from work are abundantly visible, your savings are helping you and your financial position is supporting you in many ways .
Do – still there are psychological issues which require greater care ,you need to be more at peace and not complicate your thinking in any manner
Don’t – don’t therefore also let your financial position get into difficulties ,the goodness of your prosperity must be sustained over a period of time.
Meena –abundantly favorable period which gives you growth in your career ,for that luck may help you and favor you more than what you expect .
Day special – financial angle is such that you will have to remain helpful and supportive to others ,that will improve personal life relationships which have been under pressure for a while

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