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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday 27 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – on financial matters there are wastages which you are not able to control, that is why some amount of uneasiness is building up which is making  you unhappy

Day special – there is also instability as far as financial planning and commitments are concerned,

Vrish – wastages are continuing because you are thinking of changes, that is why you are not able to get the best advantage of good times also

Do –you will have to improve your knowledge and skills, that is the deficiency of this period which is not letting the best situation emerge.

Don’t – don’t at the same time forget that by your own dissatisfaction problem are going to increase, especially if you risk your money then this is going to be all the more troublesome for you.

Mithun – work is needed and for that funds are needed, that is why it is a mixed period because it requires your focus and involvement.

Day special – your own involvement is lacking and you are expecting too much from luck to help you or support you, that is why there are lingering obstacles which are continuing to bother you.

Karka - excellent period as far as your overall gains and prosperity is concerned, but you are still not happy because your expectations are high and you are not able to perform as much as you can.

Do – coming to the factors of obstacles it is depressing you to some extent, that is why you are not able to work hard the way you have that ability.

Don’t – don’t still forget that work related situation is generally stable and supportive, but don’t get into a habit of remaining uneasy and dissatisfied as it can lead to complications and differences.

Simha – you may be thinking of big plans or big changes, and that is why you are getting into a situation where sudden obstacles may arise to give you those patterns of problems.

Day special – financial angle is generally weak, on top of it you are risking your money also in a manner which is not advantageous, you may be very forceful in your ways and very optimistic, but the circumstances are not supporting you the way you expect, that is why your situation is not stable, don’t lose your temper in any discussion .   

Kanya – this period is full of pressures and obstacles, everything may seem to be alright but still there are weaknesses from your side which are not looking as good. 

Do – your own involvements needs to be improved drastically, your own thinking will have to be made stable.

Don’t –don’t at the same time forget that financial planning is needed in a very big way, just by raising funds you are creating further loss for yourself which will have to be understood .

Tula –health is a factor which is not looking good, in relationships also there are various issues appearing which may not lead to any happiness or solutions. 

Day special –your elders and well wishers or supporters may not understand your views, that is why you are distressed and that problem is going to increase with the passage of time.

Vrishchik  - your involvement in relationships is very strong, but in the process your financial position is becoming such that you are increasing your needs and commitments.

Do – psychologically you will have to remain very peaceful, especially as the day progresses you will have to remain very cool and not lose your stability of mind.

Don’t –don’t at the same time forget that there are inherent factor of differences of opinion which are continuing, even at your work place lots of peace and patience needs to be maintained.

Dhanu – personal life matters are important to you and you are giving a lot of importance to that, children may bring happiness to you and you will be drawn towards them.  

Day special – your own commitment and forcefulness will motivate you to be really involved in whatever you are doing, that is the goodness with which this period is placed, but don’t increase your uneasiness or dissatisfactions in any manner.   

Makar – your overall stability and auspiciousness  will further motivate you to do better in life, but some amount of disillusionment is creeping up which is not looking so good.

Do – avoid getting into any kind of thoughts or discussion which will lead to problems, and on account of that if there are outflows then they can be waste full.

Don’t - don’t therefore have these ups and downs of your own thinking in a negative manner, that is not going to help and that is going to cause further problems.

Kumbh – abundantly favorable period as rewards are indicated from your own hard work, work is rewarding and beneficial to you in many ways .

Day special – but you are likely to reduce that goodness by your own thinking and actions, therefore you will have to be careful in what you plan or think or even speak.

Meena –excellent period, favorableness and advantages may flow to you, work will be such that it will make you happy.

Do – your expenses may still take away some of this goodness, but these are erratic forces which make you think the way you are thinking.

Don’t –don’t forget that people may not be as straight or supportive to you as you expect, therefore you will have to maintain your peace and patience in the process 

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