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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday 13 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts are not up to the mark and you are getting into unnecessary problems, so much so that you may be blamed of being too forceful and rigid in your thoughts.
Day special – Certain conflicts are brewing which may lead to your own loss, therefore you will have to remain very mild and maintain that stability at this moment.
Vrish – Financial inflows may be stable but your savings are not adequate to make you happy, therefore you may be stressed in relationships as well.
Do – Your own efforts will bring you the desired rewards, but you will have to stop thinking of deficiencies at this moment.
Don’t - Don’t forget that you cannot afford to let wastages or loss occurred to you and cause further dent on your savings, be careful.
Mithun – Your personal life issues are not making you happy, you may be right in whatever you are saying or discussing but it is still not helping you in any manner.
Day special – Impact on your work is getting complicated as a result, there may be issues and problems arranging those funds and fulfilling your responsibilities.
Karka - Changes are not recommended and therefore you must not think about them that, may not give you the desired results which you expect.
Do – Any thoughts for travel must be planned properly, if there are wastages or loss then you will have to blame yourself.
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck whatever be the motivation, even if something looks to be good, you will still have to be careful.
Simha – Financial angle is not as well placed as you expect and if you continue to be wasteful then it is further going to create problems for you.
Day special – Don’t therefore let your problems increase, even in apparent strong relationships there may be many hidden factors which are not well placed.
Kanya – Your work related circumstances are not as strong, but financial prosperity is generally intact which will help you in many ways.
Do – You cannot promise anything because you expect your finances to be stable, there may be upsets in the process which may complicate your work related matters as well.
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that you have liabilities and you have responsibilities to fulfill, your first focus should be towards that.
Tula – Differences of opinion can reduce the goodness of this period, apparently everything may seem to be alright but there are deficiencies brewing which can be problematic.
Day special – Even your wasteful attitude can complicate these matters further, you will have to therefore stick to your involvement and goodness and let your performance speak for you.
Vrishchik - There can be deficiencies in the relationships because of many hidden circumstances, upsets in financial planning also can cause these factors.
Do – You will have to be careful in financial dealings, especially if you are inclined to change your views or change your thoughts you will have to be all the more alert.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there is need for you to maintain your focus towards your performance, especially if you are a student, you will be benefitted.
Dhanu – Matters connected with home and family can be pressurizing or stressful, you will have to keep a lot of humility to understand the views of others.
Day special – Psychologically you must not pressurize yourself, keeping peace and patience is all the more required which must be remembered for a while.
Makar – Your efforts are reducing as that is not the best indication to have, you are depending more on others and not doing enough from your side.
Do – People around you may be caring towards you, but your own involvement towards them is not enough, therefore you should not expect anything in return also.
Don’t – Don’t let your abilities get reduced as a result, maintain your own goodness at any cost which is very essential.
Kumbh – Financial angle may seem stable but there are pressures building up on you and your savings, this may stress you a bit for which a lot of planning is required.
Day special – Overall pattern of auspiciousness is still intact, therefore you cannot be too uneasy as that is not needed.
Meena – Relationships can be strong but you will have to be careful for taking that next step, but you are being too firm in your thoughts and that is where you are not thinking of the future.
Do – Care is needed for handling your issues in home and family, you must remember that their views may be also be valid.
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too firm in thinking something or doing something which you cannot accomplish in future, you will have to therefore understand this very clearly.

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