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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sunday 10 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are not happy with your own efforts and you are very dissatisfied with the situation, so much so that all your efforts are going waste at the moment despite your repeated thoughts in this direction
Do – There is need for you to postpone any big thoughts for a while, that will help you to reassess your situation and contemplate on that
Don’t – Don’t carry any conflicts as a result of this slowdown, you need to understand that there are moments in life when you cannot achieve what you wish to achieve
Vrish – Many hidden issues are there which can actually benefit you, you have to therefore go deep into those aspects and try to find that goodness
Week special – Like a diver goes deep into the sea to find those expensive pearls you will also have to go deep into your thoughts and actions and find out what is good for you and you will be adequately rewarded
Mithun – You may not be able to trust people around you as much as you should, that is not a reflection of the weakness of people but your own weakness which is showing its negativity
Do – Your own sense of apprehensions and uneasiness is playing its role at this stage, you are therefore, thinking that everything around you is negative, that is not required
Don’t – Don’t still forget that there are efforts to be made in your performance whether you are a student or you are in work that effort is going to benefit you in the long run.
Karka – There are differences and upsets which are not looking as good, those are stressing you more than anything else which is causing further problems
Week special – Any option or alternative which you may have on your mind is not worth taking, you have to therefore, avoid any such thoughts or proposals which you may have
Simha – You are carrying some dissatisfactions on your mind about some love relationship, that is why your thoughts are also becoming more and more negative
Do – Even your efforts for discussing your issues is not going to give you the rewards, therefore, you will have to stay connected with your work and forget about your personal relationships for a while
Don’t – Personal life issues are generally stable but you are having greater expectations, that is why your work related issues are having a negative impact on your personal life as well
Kanya – A balance is required between these two situations, you will have to also take the advantage of your own abilities to reduce the deficiencies of your work environment
Week special – Your sense of involvement and efforts is generally high, but whenever you are not in a mood you have doubts about your own abilities as well
Tula – Luck may not favor you and alternatives are not worth pushing forward, stability of the present situation is also not looking as good as your mind is confused and uneasy
Don’t – Don’t therefore, get into situations which are uncomfortable, it is better to wait for the better times to take the next step
Vrishchik – You may not be happy about your savings as you are seeing many expenses ahead of you, but there is nothing to worry as such as your savings will take care of your needs
Week special – Psychologically you are getting stressed unnecessarily, there is no need for that as God is kind in many ways, keep yourself cool and you will be benefitted
Dhanu – There is a sense of stress and disillusionment on your mind, you are expecting more from your life partners or from your associates
Do – Happiness, warmth and help from home and family are abundant, that is where you should draw your strength as that will help you eventually
Don’t – Don’t look for any major changes at this stage, don’t also create any instability on your mind connected with your thoughts, that is not required for a while
Makar – You may be pressurized on account of various factors of outflows, but it is largely a sense of dissatisfaction which is bothering you more than anything else
Week special – Health related issues are to be cared for, you have this tendency of neglecting your own health which is not the right thing to do
Kumbh – You are not as satisfied with your financial situation as you should be, but it is a indirect reflection of your dissatisfactions in your personal life which is complicating your thinking
Do – Avoid finding fault in others as that is not the good thing to do, you will have to also find fault in yourself in many things which are showing as deficiencies in you also
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall financial prosperity is with you and there is nothing adverse, but you have this tendency of creating wastages for yourself which needs to be curbed
Meena – Work related situation is generally stable but you want more, for that reason you may depend on your partners or associates and that help may not give you any advantage
Week special – Psychologically you are in a weak situation, and that is the flaw of your own negativity which you carry in terms of extremes of thinking, carrying this kind of apprehension is not going to help you

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