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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday 19 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

MESH: Even though you are trying to discuss your matters still you are taking a very firm view of things, that is why you may even create losses for yourself.
Day special: Many changes may be on your mind, and you are yourself inclined to take those big decisions, still it is prudent to have another view and then take your decision.

VRISHABH: Financial gains are indicated and you may be keen to even augment your resources from various sources, that may include borrowings and other methods of financial planning.
Do: There may still be worries on your mind connected with your savings, therefore you will have to address your issues with lot of pragmatism.
Don’t: Don’t get into a situation where you increase your problems, there are linkages to the fact that many hidden issues may crop.

MITHUN: Your work may move forward smoothly and you may be able to use your knowledge and skills also judiciously, but you are thinking of many changes which need to be considered again.
Day special: Your personal life situations may indirectly impact your work, therefore you will have to understand many things in the process, relationships are important to you and you are inclined to think about that seriously.

KARKA: Generally lucky period and your well wishers will come forward to support you, but in the process you are creating some initial uneasiness in your mind which may even show distress.
Do: Work related advantage will be obtained enormously, financial gains are also indicated for that very reason
Don’t: Don’t still plan for any travel or changes in a big way, maintaining stability at this stage is more important than anything else.

SIMHA: You may be trying to work hard but your efforts are still getting wasted, you are not getting as much advantage from your goodness the way it is desired.
Day special: If you wish to avoid problems in your relationships then you will have to learn and trust others. This very factor can save your relationship from getting into problems.

KANYA: Your personal life issues are highly stable and supportive, you are able to discuss your matters very well and convey your thoughts which will prove to be advantageous to you.
Do: But there are many factors which still show negativity, your unstable thoughts may spoil your image in the eyes of others, protect that.
Don’t: Don’t let your support level get reduced because you are showing weakness from your own side, you have to take advantage of the help and guidance which may come to you abundantly.

TULA: You may be unhappy with your own efforts and that is why your involvement is not pointed enough, that is why you are getting into stressful situations and differences.
Day special: Even in matters connected with finances and its utilizations you may go wrong, that is why this period needs to be passed with lot of peace and patience.

VRISHCHIK: You are very inclined to associate with your loved ones which includes your close relationships for your children, and for all those reasons you may feel a little stressed also at times.
Do: Keeping a lot of peace will help you to overcome your anxiety and your anxiety is not based on facts and you are thinking more than what is required.
Don’t: Don’t forget that your work is also important and you need to devote some time towards it, you will have to therefore plan for that also side by side.

DHANU: Home and family is important to you and you are keen to look after your own people very well, for that reason you will realize as to what your loved ones mean to you in your life.
Day special: Work related situations are weak and you will have to accept that for a while, but this is a passing phase and circumstances will improve with passage of time, therefore you must keep a lot of patience.

MAKRA: This is a highly motivating period for you as you will work hard and benefit from that effort, psychologically also you may associate with others and take your life forward in a positive direction.
Do: Students will also benefit from their hard work, people associated with art, singing or media will prove there abilities very well.
Don’t: Don’t still think too rigidly and be egoistic, that is not going to help you in any manner, your own talents will have to be used at this stage.

KUMBH: Financial angle is very well placed and there is nothing to worry, certain worries in the morning will also get resolved soon and you will be happy.
Day special: Luck is favoring you and helping you to be nice to others, especially in your effort to convey your thoughts you will do well, but you will have to avoid changing your views repeatedly.

MEENA: Your work is stable and your self confidence is helping you, but you are thinking negatively and creating stress and pressure for yourself.
Do: Your efforts are positive and there is nothing wrong in that, but sudden obstacles may still continue to bother you, avoid that as much as possible.
Don’t: Don’t psychologically stress yourself as that is the main culprit at this stage, don’t also increase uneasiness by spending more than what is required.

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