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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sunday 17 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – You are agitating your mind and getting into stress, that can lead to problem and conflicts also.
Week special – Your unplanned ways can lead to upsets, ups and downs of your career should not be made up in the mind, you have to remain stress-free.
Vrish – Emotional involvement will be there on your mind but it is not helping you in any manner, so much so that your work related responsibilities are not being met fully.
Do – Your involvement in your work is generally stable, but there are pressures which will have to be met with your increased performance only, there is no other way out.
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own knowledge and abilities will also have to be improved simultaneously; your friends and well-wishers cannot help you all the time.
Mithun – You expect a lot from your own people and your loved ones in home and family, and your expectations are not being met because they are not able to come up to that level.
Week special – The resultant impact of your involvement is such that you are getting stressed and disillusioned, it should not lead to any upsets in your thinking or in your work environment in any manner, you must remain very motivated in the process.
Karka - Communication is required to resolve any issues of distress or problems, but the problem lies elsewhere also which needs to be assessed.
Do – you must understand that your own efforts are lacking and you are not able to concentrate on whatever you are doing, that is where the obstacles may also arise because there are deficiencies from you side.
Don’t – Don’t think of major changes or alternatives also, there are many hidden pressures in that, which are not worth taking that chance, you will have to therefore restrict to your present involvement and stability.
Simha – Financial angle is one weak area of the moment, you may be therefore stressed on account of your lack of savings as well.
Week special – Any issues of financial nature or where there are arguments you will have to be careful, even in your day to day speech you will have to be vigilant as you cannot harm someone.
Kanya – You are thinking about yourself and being a bit too selfish in the process, you must understand that the goodness which you have around you is on account of people who are supportive and trustworthy.
Do – You must do good to others and then only you will get that goodness in return, for that reason relationships will have to be given importance.
Don’t – Don’t forget that career needs to be improved with your focused involvement, if there are deficiencies in that then it is because of your dissatisfactions that this negativity is emerging.
Tula – You are creating pressures for yourself, because you are being too rigid in your thoughts, and your expectations from what you wish to achieve may not be met.
Week special – Luck may not be supportive as you expect, therefore you may even risk your savings in any risky venture which needs to be avoided.
Vrishchik - You may be looking at financial gains but they may not there the way you want, you will have to therefore understand the fact that this period is weak for inflows in many ways.
Do – You will have to understand that outflows are higher and they will have to be met, this is especially for your own loved ones that you have to do much more at this stage.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that you will have to be careful in any travel as it can lead to stress, pressures or even loss, little bit of carefulness can actually protect you.
Dhanu – Work related matters may be weak and you are aware of that, but your constant involvement can still protect you in many ways, and for that you may have to depend on your own ability.
Week special – You have abundant goodness in you but your thinking is becoming stressed and negative, you have to therefore understand that you cannot expect everything to be good all the time, enjoy the warmth of home and family at the moment and you will be happy.
Makar – Dependence on luck is going to affect you negatively, there are pressures and issues building up which are not favoring you and you may get into stressful situation as well.
Do – The best indication of the period is about your own performance and abilities, your own hard work is such that you can overcome any kind of difficulty.
Don’t – Don’t therefore neglect your health also in these moments of pressures, you are being a bit too lethargic and that is creating these issues as well.
Kumbh – Psychological aspects are there because you are thinking of negativity all the time, you are also thinking that you are not able to do more than what you are doing at the moment.
Week special – Largely it is a question of taking up greater responsibilities, you have to understand that your knowledge is lacking for a while, which needs to be upgraded to take up those challenges in life.
Meena – People around you may not be as honest in their approach as you expect, they may show that they are helpful but that may not be the reality in the real sense.
Do – You still need to connect with people around you because that is the essential requirement, even for taking your work forward and your relationships forward this is essential.
Don’t – Don’t carry a stressful attitude in whatever you discuss, that can lead to more of problems for yourself, don’t annoy your boss in the process.

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