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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wednesday 20 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

MESH: some sudden disputes may crop up which may distress you, you may even become uneasy and depressed with the developments.
Do: Still it is not prudent to think of extreme steps and changes, you will have to keep patience and the circumstances will start improving.
Don’t: Don’t therefore think rigidly and think negatively, you have the ability and that will be recognized sooner or later.

VRISHABH: You are sensitive about your own people and your loved ones, for that reason your relationships are not shaping up the way you expect.
Day special: More than relationships it would be prudent to think about your work, your financial position is stable and that may motivate you to work hard and to improve it further.

MITHUN: personal life matters need to be handled very carefully, if you become very sensitive then those very issues in home and family will get complicated.
Do: Understand the fact that your own friends and well wishers can be highly supportive, but you will also have to think in a positive direction as that only will eventually help you.
Don’t: Don’t let any issues of differences affect your work situation negatively, especially if it has anything to do with finances you will have to be all the more careful.

KARKA: This period may not motivate you enough although circumstances are not as bad, but there are moments in life when you are not having that kind of involvement which is generally required.
Day special: If you are not in a mood then there are moments in life when you can take it easy, you can wait for the better times and let those opportunities improve in the process.

SIMHA: Your thinking of big gains from home or property but that is not forthcoming, there are many issues involved which may lead to differences of opinion also in the process.
Do: Changes or change of place may not give you the desired results, for that reason you may stress your personal life situation matters which can be avoided.
Don’t: Don’t still forget that your own thinking is not going to give you any problem in the long run, gradually luck is going to favor you and those days are also not far.

KANYA: You are trying to relate your motivation and work with your financial rewards only, and that is where you feel pressurized.
Day special: Every step cannot be measured in terms of money, lots of things will have to be attained with patience and that is precisely what is required, your constant hard work will pay you eventually as luck is also guiding you in that direction.

TULA: You may be a bit wasteful in your views at this stage, especially if you are being too sensitive or too impulsive in your thinking then your outflows will increase.
Do: Avoid speaking anything out of distress as that can increase your problems, don’t get into differences or conflicts from your side.
Don’t: Don’t also forget that carrying thoughts of problems in personal life will complicate your views further, especially if you are thinking of some change of place you will have to be all the more careful.

VRISHCHIK: You may be thinking of gains and gains may come to you, but your satisfaction level is not there because your expectations are higher and that is something which you will have to change, your desires must therefore remain practical.

DHANU: If you are thinking of changes or travels then there may be some worries on your mind also, in the process you may also be worried of higher outflows or expenses which are unnecessarily increasing.
Do: Peace and patience is required and you can maintain that stability in your personal life as well, financial gains are abundantly and you will be benefited with that.
Don’t: Don’t still be wasteful in your approach, that is where some care is needed on day to day basis which you must understand.

MAKAR: Your thoughts are unstable and your financial decisions may also be unstable, you are thinking about your partner or loved ones in a very sensitive manner also.
Day special: Work situations as well as your relationships are generally supportive, but you must also think of improving your savings as that is the need of the hour.

KUMBH: Work related situation is generally supportive and rewarding, but you are not happy with that because there are psychologically differences of opinion which you carry in your mind.
Do: At your work place you will have to be careful that unnecessary arguments will have to be avoided, for that reason your own peace is required to be maintained.
Don’t: Don’t therefore get into situations which can be awkward, you must understand your weaknesses in which your abilities are not keeping up to your advantage also.

MEENA: You are very caring about others but you are not getting favorable response from others, that is where the problem lies and that is where you are feeling depressed also.
Day special: Luck may favor you and financial position may still be stable, your own self confidence is high and your work is rewarding, just because your personal life issues are a bit stressful you should not feel so depressed, you will have to address those issues one by one.

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