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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday 28 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh - Your dissatisfactions are there on many fronts.
Do – Depending too much on luck is also not favorable, that is where you can create stress, pressures and even losses for yourself for which you will have to blame yourself.
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of stressful situations in decision making connected with money or career, money is important and you are looking at gains, but decision based on carelessness can lead to more of problems.
Vrish – On professional front you are not happy because there are too many issues continuing side by side, there are too many ups and downs and your performance is suffering.
Day special – I can also see that there are many thoughts on your mind which are making you stressed and dissatisfied, that is why its impact is seen in terms of your financial decisions as well.
Mithun – Relationships are important and they are strong, but you are still not satisfied and this negativity stems from the fact that you are being a bit unfair towards others.
Do – Home is important and you will have to create a lot of stability in that, if there are weaknesses in that then you have to blame your own thinking and your own actions for that.
Don’t – Don’t forget that in personal life as well as in marital life, if you are married, there can be many problems which you will have to handle with patience, luck may be supportive to you but you will have to speak very pleasantly to others to resolve those issues.
Karka – You are getting a bit depressed and that is where the entire problem lies, for that reason your own involvement is also lacking and you are not able to take care of yourself in the process.
Day special – You are thinking in terms of extremes and creating problems for yourself, it is a different question that luck is generally favorably placed and supportive to you and there is nothing wrong, but your own mistakes are getting revealed in the process and you may have to suffer on account of your own mistakes.
Simha – Emotional relationships are not giving you any happiness as there are issues and problems connected with that, you will have to speak to your own people and connect with them to resolve your issues as that is important.
Do – The problem is that you are not able to speak carefully and convey your thoughts carefully; if you lose your temper then this is going to complicate the matters further.
Don’t – Don’t therefore expect magic out of any relationship, you will have to accept that you have to take your own people along and there are moments of the stress in life also.
Kanya – Issues in personal life can be there which may bother you, you also must remember that there are differences of opinions which you will have to resolve on a constant basis.
Day special – Work is important and you are not giving adequate care towards it, you will have to find a balance and understand that creating deficiencies in your work place for any reason will not lead to any advantage even if you benefit elsewhere.
Tula – You have the ability but you are not able to use that ability the way you want, that is why the best is yet to emerge and only then you can take your life forward.
Do – For the purpose of studies you may be keen to move away, but you may also change your decision subsequently as you may feel under pressure.
Don’t – Don’t forget that being too rigid in your thoughts is never advantageous, also remember that there is no substitute to hard work and you will also have to do that to achieve success.
Vrishchik – You will have to be careful in what you speak especially with your loved ones and your children, out of your own uneasiness or disillusionment you may say something which may hurt others.
Day special – Money is not the only consideration in life, especially in dealing with others you will have to give more importance to relationships rather than money.
Dhanu – Your efforts must remain constant to maintain a sense of peace and patience in life, if you remain stressed or dissatisfied then it is going to complicate your career matters as well.
Do – Work situation is rather poorly placed and you are not happy with that, but constant involvement can bring about some improvement if you so desire.
Don’t – Don’t let any instability appear in your involvement, any ups and downs can spoil the good effects of your hard word also which you can achieve.
Makar – Any kind of impulsive thoughts can increase your outflows and that is something which you have to protect, even in travels or changes you will have to avoid wastages the way they are indicated.
Day special – Overall financial position is still comfortable and there is nothing really to worry, but any kind of decision making which shows distress of your mind is something which needs to be protected.
Kumbh – You are worried for various things but the worries are not valid as such, you are carrying anxiety on matters where there is no deficiency also.
Do – Any issues connected with friends will have to be resolved by proper discussion only, for that reason you may have to remove apprehensions or lack of trust which you carry.
Don’t – Don’t therefore show the ups and downs of your own thinking also in the process, that can reduce your image unnecessarily, which needs to be protected.
Meena – Decision connected with changes will have to be taken very carefully, especially where you are not convinced yourself you will have to take extra precautions.
Day special – If you are bringing about changes to please others or to satisfy others then this may not be accomplished, in the process you will realize that the needs and expectations of others are also not as valid as you had thought.

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