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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunday 3 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – There can be unexpected loss to you which may increase your problems, that may also lead to conflicts which are not to your advantage.
Week special – Work stability must be maintained at any cost, financial situation has to be protected with careful planning.
Vrish – You are not able to perform as much as you are capable of , that is why there are pressures on knowledge and skills as well.
Do – Financial gain should not be the only motive, that is where you may go wrong and make a mistake.
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your involvement in work is focused from your side but the circumstances are not as well placed and therefore your thinking will have to be changed.
Mithun – Issues connected with personal life will have to be addressed, there are many factors which are not comfortably placed as there are hindrances at every step.
Week special – Work related advantage is there, that is why your focus is towards your work only, but in the bargain personal life issues are suffering and that is where you are not able to handle your situation comfortably.
Karka – Everything may seem to be alright but there are many issues which are developing and which may cause pressures and problems, you are not able to communicate properly with others to resolve them and that is another weakness from your side.
Do – Health related matter need to be cared for, but relationships are such that you can take some love relationship forward and get happiness out of it.
Don’t – Don’t let your family life suffer as a result of your involvements, there are areas in which you will have to give importance to the views of your own people as well.
Simha – You may not be as happy with your financial position and that is why you are distressed, you want to augment your financial resources by various means but still you have to be careful.
Week special – A way you are not able to trust others is a big problem, that is why complications may arise and you may be put into further difficulty.
Kanya – Issues on the personal front have to be resolved by associating with others and connecting with others, that may require your whole hearted devotion from your side.
Do – People around you are such who may come forward to help you, your family is ever supportive and that is a blessing.
Don’t - Don’t still get into discussions which may lead to conflicts, that is where lot of peace and patience required.
Tula – Any changes or extremes of thoughts is not advantageous that can further complicate your situation and further pressurize you.
Week special – If you remain peaceful, your health factors will also be quite under control, you will therefore have to understand that any kind of pressure or differences is not to your advantage.
Vrishchik - Gains may be erratic but they are there, it has direct linkage to your efforts and your abilities and that is the goodness which you have.
Do – Some love relationship can be becoming stronger on your mind, for that reason the obstacles are also not as strong for a while.
Don’t –Don’t forget that professional work is stable and will please you, people who are important will be happy with you and your performance.
Dhanu – Matters connected with work are not all stable or strong, there are deficiencies which will have to be addressed.
Week special – So much so that you are not happy with your partners or associates, those weaknesses will have to be accepted as a reality for a while.
Makar – Favorableness is generally with you without any big problems, gains or rewards are also indicated abundantly.
Do – Changes are heavy on your mind, but you are a bit confused, decisions are possible with monetary rewards on your mind.
Don’t – Don’t be unstable in whatever you decide or wish to do, you have to therefore plan forcefully and execute those plans decisively.
Kumbh – Pressures continue but lots of goodness is there which you can reap, that includes an overall sense of well-being which includes financial prosperity as well.
Week special – You must speak well to others and influence others, in the process you will have to improve the deteriorating love relationship which you have been caring.
Meena – people around may be against you or unfair towards you, but you still will have to be caring towards them.
Do – Try to understand views of others around you including your home and family, that will resolve many issues.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that differences with people around you can be upsetting, that includes the thoughts of your boss which may be very critical for you, which needs protection.

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