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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Monday 25 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh - you are trying to involve your own people in your work and get the advantage, for that reason your focus in whatever you are doing is remarkable.
Dav special - there is some amount of rigidity on your mind, that is why there are issues and conflicts which are not letting relationships become smooth, that is where you will have to avoid your differences .
Vrish - you may be inclined to depend on luck and also get the advantage, but the goodness is you are also trying to work hard to achieve your goals.
Do - your abilities may not be as strong as they should be, therefore there are demands on you for performance which are not being met
Don't - don't let this luck factor over ride your thinking, that is not going to give you the advantage in the long run.
Mithun - you are stressing yourself for various reasons, in home and family there are pressures and you are getting psychologically disturbed.
Dav special - you are also risking your money unnecessarily whereas you have responsibilities to fulfill, therefore you will have to keep very stable thinking and only then you will be benefited.
Karka - you may be inclined to connect with others very well and understand their views, that will improve your communication which has been lacking for a while.
Do - you must communicate and also work to fulfill yours aspirations, therefore it is essential that you remove the instability in your thinking process.
Don't - don't forget that travels changes or far off linkages may not be as strong, you will have to therefore avoid taking big decisions.
Simha - health related factor may be there and psychologically you may not be happy, that is leading to a situation where you are arguing more and performing less.
Dav special - if you are trying to arrange funds then they may be wasted or mis-utilized, therefore proper financial planning is absolutely needed.
Kanya - you are caring towards your own people and that is a remarkable thought, you are also helpful to your loved ones emotionally and financially.
Do - overall supportive period in many ways and that is where the strength of this period lies, you have to therefore try and create a situation which is harmonious with others.
Don't - don't ignore your work as that is the weak area of this moment, you have to involve as much as possible to remove this deficiency.
Tula - you are trying to connect with your own people fully and that will help you in many ways, you are also trying to bridge the distance which you have created with your own people
Dav special -if you are trying to take any drastic decision for change then it is not recommended, you will have to therefore rethink and plan again judiciously.
Vrishchik - this period is motivating you to make greater efforts, you have a lot to accomplish and for that you will have to plan very judiciously.
Do - gain from your efforts are indicated but in an unstable manner, you may not be as happy with the circumstances because you have many pressures on you.
Don't - don't forget that people who are important will have to be cared for, but most important is the fact that you have to stay connected with your loved ones as that is going to bring you the happiness.
Dhanu -financial angle is generally stable and there are gains from many sources, you are therefore happy on many fronts and that is the goodness which you carry.
Dav special- work related situation is somewhat unstable, but that is a passing phase, you will have to therefore keep the patience for a while and better opportunities will emerge.
Makar - your self-confidence is high and that will make you happy, in the process you're trying to take decisions which may be advantageous to you.
Kumbh – on account of your own forceful thinking you may be creating pressures for yourself, you need to understand that there is a factor of peace and patience which you have to keep on your mind.
Day special –your own ways are somewhat unstable and that is where the problem lies, you have to maintain a lot of regularity and be very stable in your thinking at this moment.
Meena –financial angle is generally stable and strong, but there are outflows also which are matching and which are bit high
Do – you will have to protect your financial position by careful planning, constant outflow are not advantageous to you as that is not leading to building up your savings.
Don’t – don’t therefore forget that there are areas of weakness also side by side, your personal life issues need to be handled carefully as there are patterns of distress in them.

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