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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sunday 24 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh - You are constantly thinking about some love relationship and this thought is strong on your mind, you also have many desires on your mind which you wish to fulfill.
Do - There is need for protecting your extremes of thinking as that is complicating the matters, whether you should take that next step now or wait for a while is something which bothers you.
Don’t: - Don’t therefore stress yourself unnecessarily, there is need for waiting for a while and let the favorable time arrive.
Vrish - You are constantly thinking about some change of place which is the cause for your worry, you are also aware that there may be many hidden factors which may cause pressures and problems for you.
Week special - There may be factors of financial outflows also in the process, your worries are many folds and therefore you will need to take those decisions carefully.
Mithun - Financial improvement is indicated as a result of your own hard work, that is a thought which will help you immensely and you will be benefited also.
Do - You can depend on others and take their help and guidance, that will improve your work as well as your gain of knowledge.
Don’t - Don’t carry lack of trust for people around you, that can complicate the matters and reduce the goodness of this period also, don’t let that happen.
Karka - Money is needed to take your work forward, for that reason you may be keen to arrange for funds and think about it seriously.
Week special - Worries are there which can be from various sources, health is also another factor which needs some care from your side.
Simha - Generally stable and lucky period as many things are well placed, you have to therefore maintain this goodness over a period of time and not create problems in the process.
Do - Relationships are not as stable as you think, that is a valid reason for your worries as many things are getting complicated.
Don’t - Don’t get into any conflicts or any arguments, that can unnecessarily spoil relationships and also the goodness of this period, don’t let that happen.
Kanya - Wastages are indicated and there can be many hidden issues connected with that, for that reason there may be pressures and problems in your personal life also which are not looking good.
Week special - Generally your own loved ones are supportive towards you and there is no problem, but your own extremes of thinking is complicating the matters and creating problems in many ways, that is where protection is needed.
Tula - Financial angle is generally well placed and you are able to fulfill the needs of your own people, but still there are conflicts because the expectation of people around you are higher, and you cannot fulfill all the needs.
Do - You will have to communicate with others to remove the apprehensions which may be there, that will help you to avoid differences which are unnecessarily increasing.
Don’t - Don’t therefore be so sensitive also at the same time, accept certain things as a reality and only then you can move forward.
Vrishchik - Work related matters need very careful handling, there should not be any reason which may complicate that factor from your side.
Week Special - Especially in what you speak or convey you will have to be careful, you cannot let stress increase unnecessarily which may affect your life in a negative manner.
Dhanu - Your abilities are abundant and your emotional angle is strong, but you are stressed because you are creating those thoughts in your mind which are not really required.
Do - Keeping lot of peace will help, you must remember that emotional warmth is such which is very well indicated for you, therefore you are being a bit too sensitive also.
Don’t - Don’t therefore think in terms of extremes as it is not required.
Makar - You are thinking of your own people and your loved ones, you have thoughts of travels or changes also on your mind which are bothering you.
Week special - Generally there are supportive pattern for travels, but thoughts for major changes may still require lot of careful planning, that is where you have to think very rationally.
Kumbh - You have to communicate with people around you in a manner which is effective, and you have those skills abundantly which can be used judiciously for your own benefit.
Do - Psychologically you may be pressurized for money also, but there is no real need for that as the circumstances are generally supportive.
Don’t - Don’t therefore forget that people around you need your care and your protection, that is how you have to take your steps forward.
Meena - Professional angle is generally stable but you are worried, you want to take your work forward and achieve success in a big way.
Week special - Financial gains are abundantly available and there is no problem on that, you may be even keen to borrow funds and plan for bigger financial issues which are there on your mind, but you will have to side by side avoid wastages which is very essential.

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