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Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday 9 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your impulsiveness is becoming wasteful for you and causing harm to you, that is why whatever goodness or gains you are getting from people around you is also getting wasted.
Day special – You will have to become very mild and that will help, you will have to avoid wastages and losses in the process.
Vrish – Your financial planning and overall planning in personal life is lacking, you are carrying your own thoughts and own views so forcefully that you want to impose those thoughts on others.
Do – There is a reason on account of which your work related situation has lots of ups and downs, you will have to bring in a lot of stability in your thoughts which will reflect in your work related goodness as well.
Don’t – Don’t forget that people around you which includes your own loved ones may have their own demands, you will have to, therefore, understand their views but also make them understand what reality in life is.
Mithun – There are professional needs in which your responsibilities are increasing, that includes the need to plan for funds and arrange those funds.
Day special – If there is a possibility and need then you may take loans as well, that will improve your professional working also in the process.
Karka - Overall auspiciousness in your work is remarkably placed, your focused involvement is bringing you excellent rewards which can benefit you immensely.
Do – Your own knowledge and skills are being used in your work judiciously, that will benefit you indirectly in financial prosperity as well.
Don’t – Don’t still be careless as far as your financial decisions are concerned, for that reason also you will have to take your own people along and understand their ways.
Simha – Just because work related situation is stable you are taking too many risks and chances, and luck may not favor you in this situation as much as you expect.
Day special – Largely, the situation requires lot of care, there can be many hidden factors which are not known to you and which can be working against you.
Kanya – There are many hurdles in your personal life which can hamper the smooth flow of things, generally everything may seem stable but these very hidden factors may cause upsets.
Do – You will have to become very mild in whatever you do or think, especially in whatever you speak you will have to avoid getting into conflicts.
Don’t – Don’t also forget that you have to remain good to others you cannot have any selfish motive or hidddden agenda on your mind at this stage.
Tula – Conflicts in personal life are indicated for which you will have to be careful, if there are financial reasons to it then there is need for you to be a bit philanthropic from your side.
Day special – Some wastages are indicated but that is a reality which you will have to accept, especially in trying to win the hearts of others, you have to be caring towards others as well.
Vrishchik - You may be caring towards some relationship but there are differences of thoughts still emerging.
Do – You will have to therefore, keep a stable view and balance of your thoughts which is very essential.
Don’t – Don’t forget that some relationship is one aspect of life, but your personal life, home and family takes more importance than anything else.
Dhanu – Your children may give you immense happiness even if your loved ones are away from you you still have their care and warmth with you.
Day special – All this is possible because you carry that goodness and auspiciousness in you which binds others, but you must remain very thoughtful and mild in your views to get this happiness.
Makar – Your overall auspiciousness of life will motivate you further, and someone who is caring towards you can further motivate you and guide you in many ways.
Do- For that reason communicating on a regular basis is very essential, you have to therefore, stay connected with this goodness from your side so that you get that help and guidance.
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial prosperity is intact for you and that will give you immense satisfaction, that is possibly the way forward at this stage and you will have to maintain your concentration in your performance fully and whole heartedly.
Kumbh – Your hard work will bring in excellent rewards and success for you, but you must not annoy people around you who are trying to associate with you.
Day special – Life is a mix of many complex forces, for any goodness which you achieve in life, there is a price which you have to pay, you will have to understand that also.
Meena – Generally stable and auspicious period in many ways, overall prosperity in financial terms is also intact and that is a remarkable situation.
Do – In whatever you speak or write you have to be a bit careful as it should not be used against you, especially in matters of documents or written communication you will have to be careful.
Don’t – Don’t let any reduction come in the quality of your personal life that is where a lot of carefulness is needed at this stage.

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