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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wednesday 6 April 2011, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh –Your desire for financial prosperity is intact, and you will be happy with your achievement, but somehow you will have to plan well it as there is weakness in that/
Do –Your expenses are becoming impulsive and erratic, that is why your wastefulness is increasing which is not giving you the stability which you require.
Don’t – Don’t at the same time think that any kind of change will bring you anything in a magical manner; you will have to therefore wait for the right opportunity which will take some time to emerge.
Vrish – You are feeling a bit dissatisfied with your work and there are too many issues on your mind, one major factor is to change the job or change the situation which is not making you comfortable.
Day special – Financial prosperity is intact and that is a blessing , rewards from work are also there which will make you happy, but savings are not there and expenses are high theeat is where problem lies.
Mithun –luck may be generally favorable as far sas relationships are concerned, but thinking in terms of extremes is not going to cause more problems
Do – you may have to arrange funds for your work and to that extent work situation is very well placed, but your own involvement in work is lacking where some additional input is required.
Don’t – don’t at the same time forget that there can be some disagreements as far as arranging funds is concerned, while you will be able to accomplish that still there is need for keeping peace and avoiding conflicts.
Karka – personal life issues are giving you stress, there are financial implications also which are not as comfortably placed.
Day special – you may even risk your money and that is where problem lies, overall pattern of your studies and your work is very auspicious and you will be benefitted immensely.
Simha – while taking your work forward you will wish to connect with others and take that advantage; your associates or partners will help you in this process.
Do – personal life problems are indicated and you will feel distressed, there is no magic in this world and therefore you will have to protect your situation with lot of peace and patience.
Don’t – don’t create issues with your boss as that can be dangerous, any kind of arguments which leads to heated exchanges can harm you only.
Kanya – health factor is to be cared for, even in any kind of professional issue where you are not happy with your partners will have to be addressed with lot of care.
Day special – your own weakness and unfairness is indicated, you will have to therefore appreciate other persons point of view which is important.
Tula –relationships are important in your mind, but there is complications arising from many fronts in this pattern.
Do – you will have to avoid carrying your thoughts too far, or push your thoughts too much, that is where moderations is needed/
Don’t – don’t also carry any kind of discussion , which may lead to conflicts, relationships need to be taken care of and nurtured from your side.
Vrishchik - there are many factors in personal life which needs careful handling, especially you are looking at gains from your own people then your expectations may not be met.
Day special – emotional relationships are bending for you and that is a strong factor, you are psychologically distressed because you are not sure as to which path to take.
Dhanu – your motivation lies in the fact that your prosperity may increase, also there may need for financial plans to be executed with care.
Do – you may be thinking about yo0ur loved ones , your well-wishers and your children, especially who are away or not yet close to you may on your mind
Don’t – don’t therefore carry any negativity of your thought which is not right, you must stay happy and optimistic and you will see that circumstances will help you.
Makar – financial position is favorably placed and rewards are indicated, you have to therefore remain connected with your own loved ones and you will draw that abundantly.
Day special – in some love relationships, some communication is there which will make you happy, you have to connect your thoughts very well with someone and get that warmth and advantage in return.
Kumbh – exceedingly favorable period as all kind of goodness is attached with you, financial prosperity is intact and your efforts are giving you excellent rewards.
Do – you may be inclined to think of savings and investments, and little bit of effort can give you success in that venture.
Don’t – don’t forget that work is important and motivation is important and it is giving you best advantage by giving you success from many sources.
Meena – your impulsiveness is leading to wastages, in fact it is leading to more of obstacles than you think.
Day special – You are inclined for unnecessary discussions which may become heated, you will have to therefore keep your goodness intact and your patience will help you in due course.

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