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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Friday 10 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are becoming firm in your thoughts as far as your business or career is concerned, but you must also understand the pitfalls in the process
Do – You may get into stress as a result of being too rigid, that is not actually required and must need moderation
Don’t – Don’t neglect the help, guidance & supporters of others, it can make a lot of difference in your overall well-being which is important
Vrish – Luck may help you & support you, this is as a result of your own efforts & involvement which is remarkable
Day special – Overall pattern therefore is supportive and lucky, you have to stay connected with that and that is important, but your performance must remain strong & high
Mithun – Stressful period as you are thinking too much, as a result you may even risk your money and get into complications
Do – Speak carefully as you should not go wrong on that, otherwise you will have to blame yourself
Don’t – Don’t let any hindrances come in the smooth flow of your personal life, for that reason you will have to be very rational in what you think or what you do
Karka – You are very caring towards others and that goodness will protect you to some extent, but there are pressures which are inherently there and which will remain
Day special – Despite your efforts your differences of opinion may continue, your efforts are also not as pointed as they should be and therefore lot of obstacles may still be there
Simha – Health is an issue which needs to be handled, you have to discuss your matters carefully which includes your financial issues as well
Do – You will have to do all that with lot of peace & patience on your mind, losing your temper can complicate the matters
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need to plan your finances well, even if you are able to arrange funds they will have to be planned properly
Kanya – Relationships are strong on your mind, with your pointed focus you will be able to achieve fair amount of happiness & stability in them
Day Special – Financial position is stable and you are able to make others happy with the strength of your finances as well, but you must not lose your focus as far as your own overall performance in life is concerned
Tula – Your personal life is important and takes precedence over everything else, but you are also having divergent thoughts & views for changes or change of place which keeps on bothering you
Do – As long as you are able to think rationally you will not make any mistakes, for that reason this period continues to be stable & protective in many ways
Don’t – Don’t forget that you or your loved ones may be away and that thought may bother you, but as long as you are emotionally connected there is nothing really to worry
Vrishchik – Your efforts are remarkable and luck is helping you to keep your motivation high, that is the goodness with which this period is moving forward
Day special – Your constant involvement will continue to give you the results & rewards, this is a period which therefore shows your committed involvement in a very positive manner
Dhanu – Financial aspect is important to you and you are blessed, you must also plan your finances in a manner which is investment oriented and work oriented
Do – Plan for doing something worthwhile and you will be benefited, constant awareness in this regard will help you to grow faster in life and that is important
Don’t – Don’t annoy any one who is important in your life and in your mind, therefore don’t get away from your loved ones in any manner
Makar – You are able to think about yourself and others are able to appreciate that fact, this goodness is abundantly available to you and God is kind
Day special – Your wastefulness on routine matters is indicated, you tend to waste your money & waste your time on issues which needs better handling
Kumbh – Health is a factor which you have been neglecting, they may be routine matters but psychologically you may have to align with the fact that you have to take care
Do – Largely it is a situation made up in the mind, psychologically you need to orient yourself in a positive way as that is important
Don’t – Don’t forget that generally rewards are indicated, but your impulsiveness can reduce that goodness by creating routine kind of stress & pressures, don’t let that happen
Meena – Financial aspect is important to you and you will have to plan your money very well, you have to arrange funds for your work and only then you will see that work progresses
Do – As such this is a good period in many ways, relationships are giving you happiness and work related matters are under control
Don’t – Don’t let your own efforts get diverted on account of various thoughts which you carry on your mind, therefore don’t let any hidden issues appear to cause upsets or hindrances, plan well and that is important

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