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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday 31 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are thinking of alternatives and changes and everything is looking very lucrative, you are also getting the right opportunities which you must consider
Day special – Luck is supportive and helpful, but there are many routine kind of issues and hurdles which you will have to cross as yet
Vrish – You may be able to arrange funds which are required by you, but you may also put your money into difficulty in the process which needs care
Do – Lot of planning in taking or giving loans or utilizing funds is needed, you must therefore take the advice of others even if it is negative
Don’t – Don’t make your views so strong that they become uncomfortable for others, that is important to understand
Mithun – You will have to improve your ability in such a manner that you are able to get the advantage of it in many ways, that includes making your destiny and making your professional career
Day special – Any kind of interview at this stage can be beneficial to take your career forward, you will have to therefore plan well for the year ahead and you will be benefited
Karka – Lot of contentment and fulfillment is there in your personal life, for that reason you are able to be thankful to God for all these virtues which are available to you
Do – Behind every goodness there is a hint of uneasiness also, you may have disagreements or jealousies which you may have to face to protect your situation
Don’t – Don’t also ignore the opportunities for some favorable investment which may come your way, look at those opportunities to take your decisions
Simha – Professional career is important for you and you are motivated, but you must realize that your knowledge and abilities may lack in some form or the other which must be improved
Day special – You will have to shed your ego and understand your weaknesses as well, it is very important in life to do this contemplation periodically to improve your own direction in life
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing adverse, so much so that you are able to think rationally for some property related investment also
Do – If you have some plans to help others then this is the period to do so, such opportunities do not come everyday to help someone or to support someone
Don’t – On family matters however don’t be complacent, don’t ignore the day to day facts which will have to be considered despite all the goodness which you may carry
Tula – Your self-confidence may make you egoistic and rigid in your views, that can lead to problems of disagreements and misunderstandings
Day special – It is very essential to remain mild despite all the goodness which you may carry, that kind of humility is very important to understand in life
Vrishchik – Your outflows and expenses can be for your own loved ones, for that reason you have this goodness in abundance that you can do so much for others
Do – Overall situation is stable and financial situation is comfortable, but carefulness is still needed which you forget
Don’t – Don’t let your partner or your well-wishers be too liberal in their financial dealings, they will have to understand the importance of savings as well
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is intact and you are happy, you are also very keen to look at the opportunities for restructuring your finances which can be to your advantage
Day special – Property related issues may become important on your mind, you will have to therefore understand that you may have to show your goodness towards others and you will be able to win the heart of others
Makar – Professional career is stable and there is nothing adverse, in fact this period is motivating you further for bigger gains and bigger achievements
Do – Your constant involvement can actually benefit you, so much so that you must think out of the box and think of alternatives side by side
Don’t – Don’t therefore ignore the opportunities which may be coming to you in very big way, this can be a very auspicious situation for you to take advantage
Kumbh – Overall auspiciousness is intact and God is kind, your own people and family is ever supportive and that is a blessing which you carry at this stage
Day special – Financial prosperity is intact and you are able to take that advantage, you must speak very pleasantly to others and you will see that this goodness will further increase
Meena – You may have certain thoughts or pressures on your mind which may surface suddenly, this is despite your involvement to be positive that you are facing certain problems
Do – Still I feel that these pressures are also taking you on the right path, it is shaping up in a manner that you will grow and you will achieve much more
Don’t – Don’t therefore let certain minor issues create unnecessary hindrances on your mind, take it as an essential ingredient of life that we all have to face these challenges

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