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Friday, December 3, 2010

Saturday 4 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – The way you are connecting with your own people can actually benefit you, luck will support in your desire to be nice to others and that is important
Do – You are being caring & nice to others in the process, your past pleasant memories will also help you to connect with people and derive that happiness in the process
Don’t – Don’t try your luck in any risky manner even if you are convinced, because there are hidden factors of losses attached and carefulness is the key word
Vrish – There are stress & pressures in work which will have to be handled, if you are in business then money may be required to fulfill your business needs as well
Day special – Conflicts will have to be handled by remaining peaceful, for that you will have to be very mild with others as much as you can
Mithun – Work related issues are well placed, your own supporters & partners are supportive and being nice, that is the advantage which you have at this stage
Do – Your own abilities can help you in this regard tremendously, you can use your skills & knowledge to your advantage and that will help you in your career as well
Don’t – Don’t let your financial decisions be taken under any kind of confusion, especially if you are giving or taking loans you should be very clear about that fact
Karka – Pressures are there as hidden obstacles may crop up, even health related issues for that matter may bother you
Day special – Support from home & family is abundant, you have to connect with them and take the guidance of them, that will eventually help you to stabilize in life
Simha – You are very focused in terms of relationships but you are also aware that there are many things which have to be taken care of, that includes the views of your supporters, well-wishers, partners etc.
Do – In work and in your career your associates & well-wishers are important to you, you have to show your skills & knowledge to take your career forward,
Don’t – Don’t forget that your supporters can be very critical of your performance and your views, hence each step forward is important and needs very careful hard work
Kanya – Rift & problems in home & family are indicated, you will have to use your goodness to discuss matters carefully & fruitfully
Day Special – All this is possible if you connect with your people with an open mind, they are good people and they can be told that you have honest views about others
Tula – Basic intelligence & goodness is with you, once that aspect is clear then others things can also be planned & handled with advantage
Do – Some amount of differences of opinion will be there despite your efforts, hence you will have to become very mild in your approach and understand the views & needs of others
Don’t – Don’t forget that basic issue needs to be understood, that revolves around the fact that your focus has to be just right and your involvement has to be total, then there is nothing to worry
Vrishchik – A need has come to understand the factors connected with your investments, you may be even willing to increase your commitments further to plan for bigger things in life
Day special – All this may put some psychological pressures on you, therefore there is need for you to understand that money is to be conserved and saved for future use
Dhanu – Your involvement in life and especially towards your own people is remarkable, that is why you are getting the love & warmth from your own loved ones abundantly
Do – Monetary matters are important to you, and they need to be handled with peace & patience so that nothing goes wrong
Don’t – Don’t annoy people who are important, also don’t be too extravagant in your spendings as that is not really required
Makar – Changes are on your mind and some amount of stress is also on your mind, but all this can lead to increased outflows and pressures on finances as well
Day special – Lot of carefulness is needed to take and maintain the goodness of this period, that can be done if you avoid unnecessary changes which are bothering your mind
Kumbh – Financial aspect is stable and there is nothing really to worry, for that reason luck is favoring you immensely and helping you to take your decisions very pragmatically
Do – Home & family is supportive and ever loving, so much so that the overall goodness is such that your prosperity is well indicated
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships can be a bit difficult, there can be lack of trust and hidden obstacles in some love relationship especially which requires lot of care
Meena – Work related situation is such that you will have to keep a lot of patience, changes have been there on your mind and have stressed you and bothered you immensely
Day special – Stability of your career is important at any cost, you cannot risk that stability even though you may have lot of worries on your mind, for that reason peace & patience will help you immensely

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