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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday 12 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – For financial requirements you may be dreaming big or hoping that everything will become all right, but you will have to remember that in your work & efforts instability is not going to help
Week special – Remaining stressed or uneasy for financial reasons is not good, you will have to work hard to improve that situation and that is important
Don’t – Don’t forget that taking or repaying loans is also important at times, if you repay your loans now then only you may take another loan at a later date
Vrish – For work related matters your thinking is becoming negative, you are thinking of many obstacles and many pressures and that is making you uneasy
Week special – Overall pattern is not as adverse as you think, financial prosperity is intact but you are risking your savings unnecessarily which is not required
Mithun – In home & family there are dissatisfactions which you carry, but you are creating these on account of instability of your thoughts which is not right
Do – Connect with others and look at the goodness of others, you will see that you will get abundant help & guidance in the process
Don’t – Don’t therefore be depressive in your thoughts in any manner, look at the virtues & goodness, your relationships and your work is progressing well
Karka – Thoughts connected with obstacles are paramount on your mind, that is in fact depressing you more than what is required
Week special – This period should actually be utilized for assessing your weaknesses, only then you will be able to resolve them by working hard and to remove those weaknesses in the process
Simha – Relationships are on your mind and you are worried because you are not able to achieve what you wish to, that is why dissatisfactions are bothering you and you are also realizing that there are many obstacles in the path
Do – Discussing matters with your own people is also possibly not going to help, there will be too many factors of instability or change of views subsequently which is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t forget therefore that inherently there are problems, your own people or elders may not agree with your thoughts and that is where the problem lies
Kanya – You may be caring for your own people and wish to do so much for them, that is why you feel that you are not able to do as much as you wish to do
Week special – Overall impact of goodness & happiness is intact in your life, but your pressures are such that you are thinking in terms of extremes and thinking too much unnecessarily, that is not even required
Tula – You are not convinced about your own performance whereas there is nothing wrong in that, from your side you are not leaving any stone unturned and that is the goodness which you carry
Do – Your efforts must remain such that you do not create disturbances for yourself, if you remain mild you will as such be able to control these pressures
Don’t – Don’t be stressed for someone who is away, that is yet another worry on your mind which may lead to differences of opinion with your loved one
Vrishchik – Worries connected with money may be on your mind, you may also be stressed that your needs have to be fulfilled for your commitments or promises which you have made
Week special – As such the rewards and gains are abundant, it may be a slow moving process but whatever you wish to achieve will be achieved over a period of time, hence there is no real need for the worries which you carry
Dhanu – Your thoughts & worries are connected about your own personal well-being, you are also stressed about some travel and the factors connected with that
Do – Largely many thoughts of changes may be there on your mind, but let that follow its own course and take its own time, getting stressed for factors which are not of immediate importance is not going to help
Don’t – Don’t forget that your overall thinking & efforts must remain very practical, you must assess all kinds of options & problems and discuss those issues with people who are important
Makar – Outflows & losses are bothering you and making you worried, but your savings are enough to take care of your needs and there is no real reason for getting too pressurized
Week special – Largely luck factor is helping you & supporting you, but you will have to conserve your money for future use as that is important
Kumbh – There are worries connected with your financial inflows whereas this is the most irrelevant thought you are carrying, your overall pattern of financial prosperity is intact and that will help you in course of time
Do – Gains from your work are abundant and your efforts are pointed, but routine kind of issues may continue to surface again & again which needs care & protection, you will have to remain aware about that
Meena – Professional career may bother you and there may be many thoughts for changes on your mind, but for that also you may have to depend on the help & guidance of others who are important in your life
Week Special – Your own family & well-wishers can give you that guidance even in your professional matters, for that reason you will have to remove the confusions of your mind and depend on others

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