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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday 8 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Good period as you are getting the support & help in a big way, for that reason luck is also favoring you immensely
Do – All this goodness still requires a direction, you still have to plan carefully so that your expenses do not become out of control
Don’t – Don’t take any drastic decision without careful planning, even if everything seems to be all right you still have to take lot of care
Vrish – To be forceful in your thoughts is a good thing, but sometime it can create discomfort for others and for yourself, that is where some care is needed
Day special – Psychologically also you will have to remain very peaceful, only then your financial decisions will remain stable and you will not risk your money
Mithun – Some love relationship is very heavy on your mind and you wish to fulfill your desires, but there are more important issues in life which needs to be handled
Do – Your career is shaping up well and you need to devote your time & energy towards that
Don’t – Don’t also forget that your partners & well –wishers can be very supportive, but you will have to protect yourself from unnecessary differences of opinion for which you will have to be careful from your boss as well
Karka – Happiness in home & family is indicated but that will have to be maintained over a period of time, for that reason you will have to keep a lot of patience and remove unnecessary clutter from your mind which is not needed
Day special – Abundantly lucky period in many ways, but you will have to remain very mild towards others and not show any ego unnecessarily
Simha – This period is highly motivating to you to work hard and to show your abilities, but somehow your performance is not in the right direction and you are having too many thoughts on your mind
Do – Remain focused and you will be benefited, even in relationships that kind of devotion is required
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people will have to be carried for with you in this journey called life, you have to therefore build bridges and not create distances
Kanya – Financial prosperity is indicated and you are keen for investments as well, overall pattern is highly supportive for investments in home or property which will make you happy
Day Special – Largely this is a period which is favorable & auspicious, but relationships will have to be given due importance and you have to depend on them fully
Tula – This period is giving you lot of self-confidence to work & perform, all this attempt therefore requires a proper direction so that you are benefited
Do – Have that self-confidence but also remain caring towards others, having lack of trust for others is not advantageous
Don’t – Don’t get into any kind of firm or egoistic behavior which may create differences, that is not actually required and you will have to protect yourself from that
Vrishchik – Wasteful expenses are indicated for which you will have to be careful, you must understand that money is important and has to be conserved for future use
Day special – Work remains ever important and that will make you happy, connecting with your own people and your children will immensely help you and benefit you at the same time
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is intact and there is nothing to worry, happiness in home & family is side by side abundantly available to you and you will have to show that care for your own people as well
Do – Psychologically you become stressed at times which needs to be controlled, you will have to look at the goodness around you which is abundant and that is more important than anything else
Don’t – Don’t annoy people who are important, you will have to show that care and give that importance on day to day basis
Makar – Professional career is stable and you are happy with it, you are able to use your knowledge & skills to further enhance your professional interests
Day special – Constant involvement and hard work is needed, that will give the best results at this moment and that is what you must remember
Kumbh – Very lucky period and that reflects in many ways, gains & rewards are abundant and your financial position as a result will be favorable
Do – Relationships may also be on your mind but you are dissatisfied with that, that is why you are keen to communicate and show what you think and convey what is on your mind
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck factor is abundantly with you, even your supporters or partners will come forward & help you, all this is a positive indication with which you must stay connected
Meena – Hidden obstacles will be there which you cannot control, but what you can do is to remain peaceful and stay committed to your own responsibilities
Day special – Your work is improving and that is a divine blessing, for that reason God is there to help you at every step and that is important, you must therefore be thankful for all these virtues

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