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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thursday 30 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You have extreme goodness in what you speak to others to influence them and to help them, that should be the focus at this stage
Do – You still may be dissatisfied despite all this goodness, that is the reason that you are not able to get the best results despite many advantages
Don’t – Don’t forget that these very dissatisfactions can create upsets for you, remaining stable in your mind is more important at times than anything else
Vrish – You are being a bit too firm in your thinking which is a bit negative, that is why you are getting into conflicts of your mind yourself
Day special – If you stress yourself you will create upsets for yourself, this can negatively impact your financial decisions also and indirectly it may lead to your money getting stuck
Mithun – Emotional relationships are strong and you are able to fulfill your desires, but as far as the hidden thoughts are concerned you are still stressed
Do – You wish to take your relationships forward but you are confused and uneasy, you think that your own people may not help you and support you
Don’t – Don’t think negatively, your own people are supportive at every step but the path is a bit uneasy, you will have to face issues to resolve them
Karka – Happiness in home and family is abundantly available, but there are dissatisfactions also which may create hindrances in smooth flow
Day special – Professional and financial issues must not surface to cause any disputes or misunderstandings, you will have to therefore keep your thinking cool and not create issues in your mind
Simha – Your efforts are remarkable and especially in terms of your professional work you can be benefited, that is the overall goodness under which you are placed
Do – You must realize that using your abilities in the right direction will be very important, if you create distress in your mind then you are reducing that possibility in any case
Don’t – Don’t therefore lose sight of your goal in life, and you will realize that divine help is there with you which is abundant, remaining stressed is not going to help
Kanya – Financial position is stable and strong, therefore you are happy and pleasant towards others also
Day Special – Your expectations from your own people are very high, and they are generally very caring towards you in many ways, but keeping expectations so high is also not desired
Tula – Very stable period as your focus is intact and your self-confidence is high, but there are issues which keep on bothering you and there are many such issues
Do – You think that your efforts are not able to give you the best rewards, in the process you become rigid and egoistic
Don’t – Don’t ignore the fact that certain responsibilities still have to be fulfilled, and especially if they are financial commitments then you must fulfill them
Vrishchik – Your outflows are high and such which you are not able to control, but you are yourself willing and doing it happily for the sake of others
Day special – You are a bit worried for your savings and your financial responsibilities, therefore there is need for you to plan carefully and plan well at every step, that will help you eventually
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is intact and you are happy, but your dissatisfactions are also continuing side by side which have to be assessed and understood
Do – We all face dissatisfactions at some stage in life, but more than that it is important to appreciate the goodness around you which God has created
Don’t – Don’t increase your financial commitments or outflows unnecessarily, even routine kind of expenses will have to be kept under control as that is important
Makar – Professional angle is stable and you are able to involve very well, even your partners and well-wishers can be helpful to guide you and give you a direction
Day special – Your worries for travels, changes or alternatives may be causing pressures on you, but you must consider all aspects and only then take your decisions
Kumbh – Generally stable and auspicious period and nothing is adverse, even the fact that your financial rewards and prosperity is intact must please you
Do – Routine kind of pressures will always be there, you will have to accept that as a reality and not be unhappy in any manner
Don’t – Don’t at least stress yourself for financial matters, remember that prosperity comes in many ways and financial prosperity is one visible factor which can satisfy us, but other than that goodness and happiness is abundant in addition to financial well-being
Meena – Generally stable period and nothing is adverse but sudden upsets can be there because you are thinking about them and creating those issues in your mind
Day special – Worries for work is something which is a natural consequence of doing well in life, you are also therefore stressed whether this goodness can sustain for future, patience is the keyword and you will realize that everything is in control

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