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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday 23 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Emotionally you may want to connect with your own people but the circumstances & luck may be trying to take you away, this is the predicament which you face at this stage
Day special – We all go through these moments where diverse situations may pull us in different directions, but that is the reality which you will have to face also with carefulness and with pragmatism
Vrish – Your abilities are abundant and they will give you the financial rewards as a result, but you also carry the risk of taking decisions where your money may get stuck
Do – Communicating with others and discussing your matters may help you at this stage, but for that you will have to be careful in what you speak and what you hide
Don’t – Don’t still forget that your elders will have to be given their due importance, and you will stand to benefit immensely as a result of that positive involvement
Mithun – Financial angle is stable and you will be able to use your money judiciously towards your work, for that purpose your positive interaction with others will help you to take the right decisions
Day special – You are very fond of enjoying your prosperity and that is a good thing, but little bit of moderation in every sense is needed at every step in life
Karka – Your self-confidence is high and that will help you immensely, luck may also favor you in that regard abundantly and there is nothing adverse
Do – You will have to understand that not everyone may be happy with you, there are people who may feel jealous and that is where your protection is needed
Don’t – Don’t ignore the views of your boss and don’t speak anything which may lead to problems, don’t therefore be careless in your ways in any manner
Simha – Your outflows may be more than what is required, for that reason your wastages are showing especially towards your loved ones or your relationships
Day special – Peace & patience is required especially in any big decisions, you may therefore postpone any such thought for a while and wait for better times to come
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact and your own people may be highly supportive to you to give you that goodness, largely God is kind and there is happiness in many ways
Do – Financial angle is stable and you may get money in a lucky manner, but you will have to save that and use that in the right direction also
Don’t – Don’t let any sudden hindrance appear especially in some personal matter, there are issues which need to be handled and for that you must maintain that stability in life
Tula – Work related situation is highly favorable and you will be benefited, but somehow your involvement is such which is not helping you in carrying that goodness forward
Day special – You are getting into some unnecessary differences of opinion which needs to be controlled, you will have to become very mild in your thinking and show that mildness to others
Vrishchik – Very good period for some relationship to blossom, you can get lot of happiness as a result of this sudden development or involvement
Do – Luck is abundantly supportive to you at every step, you can even use this goodness to increase your knowledge and that will beneficial for a long time
Don’t – Don’t be too wasteful in your ways as that is where some moderation is needed, don’t also show your anger even if you are stressed
Dhanu – Happiness in home & family is intact, but you are being too firm in your approach and that is where some mildness is needed
Day special – By becoming too firm in your thinking you are increasing the distance with others, that is where you will have to understand that being good to others has its own limitations,
Makar – This period can actually motivate you to work hard, but somehow the forces are not giving you matching rewards as far as financial prosperity is concerned
Do – Your wastages are indicated despite the fact that people are helping you & supporting you, but too much of stiff views at this stage may not help
Don’t – Don’t therefore depend on luck and depend on financial factors in any way, by doing so you are increasing your own financial pressures
Kumbh – Overall prosperity is intact but your dissatisfactions are also showing, on work related matters your rewards may be there but your routine issues are continuing to bother you
Day special – The goodness lies in the fact that you are motivated to take your own people along, by that kind of mutual harmony and cooperation your overall rewards in life will increase
Meena – This period is making you happy but making you egoistic, some love relationship may emerge and someone may show affection towards you, that will make you happy
Do – In the process you will have to become more understanding towards others, that kind of philanthropic thought must stay attached to you
Don’t – For the purpose of relationships don’t be wasteful in any manner, that is where you will have to show some care but at the same time protect yourself from wastages

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