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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday 22 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dissatisfactions are there because you expect too much and want to take big decisions, that is why your own performance is unstable as you are not able to achieve what you are capable of
Do – You will have to remove the stress from your mind, only then your involvement will become stable,
Don’t – Don’t forget that you can depend on others at this stage, that can be a good decision to resolve your issues to make your mind stable
Vrish – Your dissatisfactions indirectly lie with the fact that you are not able to plan properly for your finances, you are not happy with your savings and that is why you think that nothing is going on smoothly
Day special – In whatever you speak your dissatisfactions will get revealed, that will increase the pressures on you unnecessarily whereas the fact is that many things are still under control
Mithun – If you do not trust your own people or your partners then you are making a mistake, whereas largely the situation is that people around you are good & trustworthy and that is what you have to remember
Do – Remove the doubts & clutter from your mind, only then you will be able to see that goodness around you which is abundantly available
Don’t – Don’t make your own thinking unstable as a result of these forces, that will bring in that instability in your home & family indirectly which is not right
Karka – You may not be happy with your health related circumstances which need to be controlled, for that reason you may also watch your weight and generally remain active for that purpose
Day special – Psychologically you need to be at peace and only then you can resolve these issues, if you unnecessarily get away from your own people then it is your own mistake
Simha – Relationships are important and they need to be carried forward, but if you carry lack of trust for them then inherently you are causing weaknesses in them
Do – As a result of your own impulsive thoughts you are putting a pressure on your finances also indirectly, that is where you will have to understand the need to be stable in your thinking
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own abilities are abundant and there is nothing wrong in that, but you will have to keep that focus in the right direction so that you are benefited accordingly
Kanya – Just because there are issues in your work place you cannot complicate your personal life also as a result, you will have to understand that your own people are supportive & with you at every step of life
Day Special – Money is required for fulfilling your responsibilities in work as well as in home, for that reason there can be some pressures on you which need to be handled one by one
Tula – If you doubt your own abilities & your efforts then you are indirectly harming yourself, as a result you may get into unnecessary differences of opinion also which is not right
Do – You will have to protect yourself from becoming too egoistic as that is not your inherent nature, but this period is complicating many issues by your own thinking
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck may help you at times but not at all the time, what is going to sustain your goodness is your own ability which will have to be constantly vibrant and put in to the right direction
Vrishchik – Your past memories may bother you and keep you stressed, but those very thoughts must have some remembrances of good moments spent together
Day special – Psychologically you must tell yourself that everything changes, nothing is permanent & therefore you will also have to move forward with time
Dhanu – This is a period which brings in pressures of your own thinking, as such there is nothing wrong and therefore you should not think negatively also
Do – Continue to connect with others and show your goodness in that manner, and you will realize that you will get the understanding and warmth which you deserve and there is nothing wrong
Don’t – Don’t forget that steps will have to be taken to bring in regularity in your work, that is the weakness which shows in the form of instability
Makar – There are many conflicting issues on your mind which keep you disturbed, that is negatively affecting your health also side by side
Day special – Your strength lies in your ability and your work, nothing should hamper that goodness and you will have to remain aware of that, don’t therefore create reasons in your mind and create pressures on your mind as a result
Kumbh – Your financial situation is stable but you are not satisfied with that, you want to do so much more for your own loved ones and that is why you are carrying these pressures on your mind as well
Do – Any kind of goodness will have to be achieved by creating those circumstances, and one of that situation has to be created in your mind to look for goodness around you which is there
Don’t – Don’t therefore be unstable in your own thinking, that can unnecessarily increase your dissatisfactions whereas there is no to think like that, especially on money matters there is no reason to feel dissatisfied
Meena – You think that there is scope for improvement in your work, even though luck is favoring you yet you feel that there are issues which need to be handled
Day special – One of the situations which needs careful handling is your boss and your so-called well-wishers, they may be unstable in their thought and may cause indirect pressure to you, but you will have to understand your own ability & stay committed towards that

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