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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tuesday 21 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your dependence on luck is a bit dangerous, you will have to understand that you should not make any big decisions as a result to increase your pressures
Day special – Psychologically also you may be a bit worried as a result of this, you will have to understand the bigger angle of constant & committed involvement which is essential
Vrish – Stress, pressures and losses can be there for which you will have to be careful, especially on matters where you may risk your savings is something which is not right
Do – Even in what you convey in relationships there can be stress & pressures, you will have to therefore protect your relationships at any cost
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that money alone can solve your issues & problems, there are many things which will have to be considered side by side
Mithun – You may be inclined to help others in many ways including financial help, but that is the goodness which you carry being philanthropic from your own side
Day special – Still there are factors of disagreements which may crop up despite your goodness, that is where a lot of protection is needed
Karka – Generally very auspicious period but you are not using this goodness in the right direction, on one hand you are thinking in terms of extremes which is not right
Do – More than your thinking of extremes you are also getting into problems at your work place, there can be disagreements which will have to be controlled
Don’t – Don’t forget that relationships are important to be carried forward, but this is not the appropriate period to do so and therefore you will have to keep a lot of patience
Simha – Extremely auspicious period in many ways, financial angle is stable and your own people are helpful
Day special – The most beneficial situation is that your own involvement is stable & committed, as a result you carry this goodness which may provide lot of happiness in relationships
Kanya – Your own involvement can bring about lot of improvement & stability in your life, but on work related situations you may still be unstable and worried
Day special – There are obstacles which will have to be faced, nothing is easy in this life and you will have to understand that you will have to face many hurdles to come out successfully
Tula – You will have to depend on others for help, guidance & support, that will give you the right path and remove the apprehensions which you carry on your mind
Day special – Your self-confidence is high and that will help you, on work related matters also you will have to remove the stress which is there unnecessarily
Vrishchik – Your own commitment is such that you are inclined to be under pressure, but you will have to be careful in what you speak as that is important
Do – Your involvement may remain such towards your own people that you are yourself stress-free, peace & patience is the key word and you will see that nothing will be as drastically wrong as you think
Don’t – Don’t therefore carry apprehensions or disagreements for your own partner, that is important to understand and that will help you in the long run
Dhanu – Relationships are important to you and you are committed towards them, as a result you may even be a bit wasteful in your financial planning and that can hamper the goodness
Day special – Still your involvement towards others and towards your partner is there, but you will have to remove that lack of trust which you carry for others unnecessarily
Makar – Somewhat wasteful period as you are not able to control your finances, as a result you are thinking of major changes and major decisions which are becoming more and more stressful
Do – Keep patience and not create any conflicts in your mind, that will help you eventually
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial planning is a must at this stage, for that reason taking big decisions may have to be avoided
Kumbh – Gains from work are abundant and your efforts are giving you the rewards now, in relationships however there are too many ups & downs which will have to be handled with peace & patience
Meena – Generally lucky period for your professional involvement and rewards, but psychologically you are stressing yourself more than what is required at this stage
Do – The response from your own people may be unstable which makes you unhappy, but your own goodness is abundant which will be able to take care of many things at the same time
Don’t – Don’t therefore complicate your matters with your own thinking, especially in personal life maintain that trust for others which is very essential to take your life forward

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