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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sunday 5 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are creating stress & conflicts in your mind, that is why you are getting depressed more than what is required
Week special – In relationships as well as with people who are important you are not happy, you want to connect with them but others may not be able to appreciate your views at this moment
Vrish – Your performance is remarkable but still it is not being appreciated fully, that is why you are losing your self-confidence to an extent that you are not sure whether you can accomplish what you wish to or not
Do – Relationships are important and they are not moving in the right direction, you are even keen to get into some hidden relationship which may not be the right thing to do
Don’t – Don’t therefore lose focus of what is the right thing in life, for that reason connect with your own people and take their guidance
Mithun – Some dissatisfactions with your own people may be on your mind, that is why you are not involving fully in what can be the right path for you
Week special – There are certain issues which are directly connected with your work & performance, and there your boss may not be able to appreciate your efforts as well, that is why you are carrying these pressures home and causing stress in your personal life as well
Karka – Adverse situation is also helping you & motivating you, but it is not enough as your uneasiness & depression is not letting you perform fully
Do – This pattern of thinking is making you negative in many ways, that is why the relationships are not shaping up in the manner in which you expect, from your side you have to remove the dissatisfactions of your mind, that is unnecessarily creating a sense of depression and deprivation which is unfortunate
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for major changes or major travels, understand that many things are dependent on your mental make up which must remain optimistic
Simha – Financial gains are indicated and you will be able to arrange the funds also as much as you want, but developments for investment may not shape up to your liking and may frustrate you
Week special – This frustration is also on account of many legal hindrances, your own partners or supporters also may not help you in any manner
Kanya – Stress of outflows & losses is on your mind, for that reason some differences of opinion may also appear which may not make you happy
Do – On financial front you may not be happy with your inflows, but still there are patterns of your saving which can protect you to take your thoughts forward
Don’t – Don’t therefore think that everything is in place, there are obstacles and there are frustrations which you will have to face and resolve
Tula – Professional & financial matters take importance, more than the income it is the factor of outflows/losses which will have to be given its due importance
Week special – Wastages are placed in a manner which are not looking good, that is why some amount of uneasiness may prevail despite your positive efforts which you are trying to make, but don’t be sarcastic to any one in whatever you speak
Vrishchik – Financial gains are generally indicated but you may still not be happy the way luck is shaping up, work related issues may still be comfortable but the pattern is stressful
Do – Your efforts must be maintained on constant basis, your hard work can move mountains and that is important to understand and appreciate
Don’t – Don’t forget that financial planning may require taking or giving of loans, for that reason you must discuss your matters with an expert and only then solutions will emerge
Dhanu – Several matters are on your mind but you are unhappy the way situation is emerging, but this is a hidden psychological thought which is bothering you and which is not making you any happy
Week special – Your motivation still continues to be intact, you must not lose your focus in life and you will realize that God will create those circumstances which will be beneficial to you
Makar – Overall auspicious period as many things are continuing to be to your advantage, your dissatisfactions may lie with your partner and with the hidden factors which it continues to unfold
Do – Financial outflows and lack of planning is indicated, even the borrowings which you may make may not be used or utilized in the right direction
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own abilities will have to be maintained with constant focus & optimism, that must include the fact that you have to remove your depression which you are carrying unnecessarily
Kumbh – Some amount of pressure of hidden factors is continuing, for that reason you may not be happy with your professional work as well at this stage
Week special – Your own partners may come forward & help you, your rewards are also indicated, but routine kind of issues may be such which continue to bother you or upset you
Meena – Your partners are in focus and they may come & help you as well, this is an auspicious situation which must provide some amount of satisfaction to you
Do – Your dissatisfactions lie in the fact that your financial pressures continue, that is why you think that despite all that goodness nothing is stabilizing for you
Don’t – Don’t think of expenses and plan of expenses, otherwise expenses will continue to follow you and depress you, don’t let that happen

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