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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday 26 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal, Weekly

Mesh – Some love relationship can give you lot of happiness, you are even willing to give it a serious turn and make it a permanent last lasting bond
Do – Relationships in general are very vibrant, for that reason luck is also supporting you and you will be able to fulfill your desires
Don’t – Don’t carry any apprehensions on your mind unnecessarily, don’t also forget to thank God for all this goodness which you are getting in the form of happiness
Vrish – You may get into some issues or differences in home & family, for that reason you will have to constantly try and connect with your own people now
Week special – Relationships in general will have to be protected at any cost, for that matter even your boss may be difficult and needs to be handled carefully
Mithun – You have the ability and you can transform this ability to your advantage, whether in studies or in performance or for that matter in relationships everywhere you can stand to benefit as a result of your own goodness
Do – In matters connected with studies or your efforts you need to remove the apprehensions on your mind, you also must remember that conflicts is not in any way going to help you in any manner
Don’t – Don’t therefore let the strength of this period slip out of your hands, take full advantage of the fact that communicating with others is going to help
Karka – Your desire to invest in some property can bring in remarkable rewards, and that should be your effort in a manner that you discuss your matters and resolve your issues
Week special – Taking & giving loans is also important at this stage, that can lead to the success of your efforts which should be the focus of this period
Simha – In professional career your efforts will bring in remarkable results, for that reason your own performance is getting highlighted in a very lucky manner and you will be benefited
Do – Psychologically therefore you are optimistic and you are positive in your approach, that is why you are able to resolve your issues to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t forget that in some love relationship there can be inherent issues which will have to be handled, you may have to face many obstacles in the process
Kanya – Generally lucky period for financial prosperity, your savings will help you and make you happy also
Week Special – Your impulsiveness and unplanned ways can spoil this goodness to some extent, you must therefore learn to plan well and that is important, any change of place on your mind in a bid to come closer to your own people will benefit you
Tula – Exceedingly remarkable period for your own well-being to strengthen, but there may be some hidden issues side by side which will be able to resolve also
Do – Financial angle is remarkably placed although you may be still somewhat worried, there is nothing which you cannot handle at this stage and each step forward will be to your advantage
Don’t – Don’t forget that on financial matters there may be many hidden factors side by side, don’t let any one take advantage of you or cheat you in the process
Vrishchik – Work related situation is stable but you may be wanting many changes to happen for which you are motivated, therefore you will have to plan your career moves very carefully at this stage
Week special – There is a risk which you may be carrying and which may lead to increased expenses, you will have to be careful that any big decision must not carry that risk at the same time
Dhanu – Financial prosperity is intact and you are lucky, you may even be thinking of raising some loan but largely the overall pattern is stable and supportive
Do – Luck is favoring you immensely but you are being a bit wasteful in your routine matters, that is why the best is not emerging as yet and you are taking things for granted
Don’t – Don’t forget that many things will have to be handled at the same time, that includes your career, your finances as well as your abilities which need to be sharpened, all these cannot be ignored
Makar – Professional matters are stable and there is nothing to worry, but psychologically you may have many issues on your mind which keep on stressing you
Week special – One of the weak areas is your boss, you cannot depend on someone who may not be trustworthy
Kumbh – Abundantly lucky period in many ways, as you connect with others you will get that advantage in return and your rewards will also increase
Do – Sudden financial gains are possible because of these lucky forces, but you may be a bit stressed or worried at the same time
Don’t – Don’t forget that largely it is a situation which can be beneficial, the more you connect with others and take the support of your partner you will be benefited
Meena – Many obstacles can be there in a sudden manner, that is why you have these psychological issues which keep on bothering you
Week special – Differences with boss will have to be handled very carefully, even if everything seems all right you must understand that precaution is better and for that you have to remain peaceful, as such you carry a lot of goodness which will you & protect you

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