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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Friday 3 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are connecting with your own people very well, and still you are being dissatisfied about them because of your own confusions of mind
Day special – Your expectations from your own performance are very large, to that extent you also side by side carry lack of trust for your own abilities, that is the confusion and the problem which you are facing
Vrish – Health related issues need to be handled very carefully, you may think that everything is all right but there are still certain issues which need to be investigated and understood
Do – There are also problems in relationships, you may not get the expected response from your own people as much as you desire
Don’t – Don’t therefore put too many conflicting thoughts into this situation, try to remain peaceful and you will be benefited
Mithun – In personal relationships your expectations are that people should support you, especially if you are in a love relationship you want that everybody should understand your views
Day special – You yourself carry so many dissatisfactions on your mind that you are undecided yourself, that is why you are getting into stress with your own people in home & family
Karka – In property related matters you will have to be careful, there can be hidden factors which may not be as transparent as you think
Do – Even on matters connected with documents or any written communication you will have to be careful, all the factors should be clear and only then you should trust the other person fully
Don’t – Don’t at the same time forget that changes or travels may not be the best thing to do at this moment, in any step forward your full conviction & satisfaction must emerge and only then you should proceed forward
Simha – Your efforts are remarkable and that can give enormous results, but somehow you are not convinced about your own abilities and that is why you are trying to depend on others whereas that need is not there
Day special – Even in work situation your hard work will pay, that will motivate you further to understand & improve your performance as that is important
Kanya – Pressures in home & family are there because many obstacles are there, you will have to be very pleasant in what you speak and only then you can resolve the hidden issues which are not looking so good
Do – There can be differences & disputes in the process, especially any property matter or inheritance matter must be handled with peace and with patience
Don’t – Don’t ignore the need that moderation is required in eating & drinking habits, otherwise health related factors may crop up which may upset your plans
Tula – Your abilities need to be sharpened further for which you have to remain focused, your self-confidence will have to be used in the right direction so that you are benefited
Day special – As such your self-confidence is high and it should be taken advantage of, but your dissatisfactions are not letting that happen fully and you are not able to take the advantage as much as you can
Vrishchik – Matters connected with your finances & savings need to be addressed carefully, more so because your expenses can jump and that can upset your plans
Do – Any kind of impulsive outflow or expense needs to be controlled, that is where some kind of planning is required
Don’t – Don’t think that you can please others by spending money on them only, there are other ways of showing your care & concern and that will be important
Dhanu – Financial situation is stable but you are not able to plan well for it, that is why you have pressures from all sides to fulfill or do what you are undecided about
Day special – Avoid taking any kind of loan or borrowing at this stage, it may not be used or utilized for the purpose for which it is intended, that is important to understand
Makar – Carelessness needs to be avoided, if you move forward without proper planning then this period can become negative also
Do – Work related situation is remarkable and has to be carried forward, you must take the help & support of others in this direction and you will be benefited
Don’t – Don’t try your luck in any kind of risky venture, especially in putting your money into risk you will have to be careful otherwise you will incur a loss
Kumbh – Routine kind of pressures & problems may be there in handling your money, while inflow may be all right but day to day pressures are also there which you will have to handle
Day special – Luck is favoring you in many ways but you will have to still keep a stable head on your shoulders, for that reason you must take the help & guidance of your own people in the process
Meena – Many factors are there which complicate your thinking, you think that there are too many obstacles in your work which need to be handled
Do – Any kind of change or thought for alternatives will have to be planned carefully, especially on work you will have to keep that patience otherwise you may go wrong
Don’t – Don’t forget to take the help & guidance of your own people which is available abundantly, but the fact is that you are not able to trust your own people fully for that reason and that is how you are not able to take the advantage also from your own people

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