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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wednesday 15 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Your efforts & performance is very unstable, although the overall pattern is suggestive of the fact that you are working hard but the focus is still diverted
Day special – Lot of carefulness is needed that you take your decisions with pragmatism on your mind, you cannot create something which may lead to problems however lucrative those options may seem
Vrish – A period of care & concern as your money may get stuck, for that reason your relationships may also be in difficulty to some extent
Do – These may seem to be routine matters but lot of carefulness is needed, you may depend on your friends to help you & guide you in the process
Don’t – Don’t forget that carrying any kind of false self-confidence can be harmful, it can lead to more of stress & problems and may even lead to loss which must be avoided
Mithun – Work may seem all right and your support level may still help you, for that reason you will have to connect with your own people to get the help & guidance fully
Day special – This period is also supportive in many ways that you will have to connect to others and benefit from others, in the process you will have to avoid any kind of differences of opinion and especially those differences connected with money
Karka – Luck is supporting you immensely but there is a risk of connected deficiencies which you carry, you may get into differences of opinion as a result of some loss or cheating which you will have to protect
Do – Your efforts must remain pointed and despite problems you must remain focused, luck may favor you only to an extent but you cannot push your luck too far
Don’t – Don’t therefore get into any kind of conflicts which may be harmful, you will have to keep a lot of patience and show your goodness at every step
Simha – You may go wrong in whatever you speak and that may cause stress & pressures in some love relationship as well, you cannot also depend on the strength of money to resolve your issues as that may not work out
Day special – Lot of carefulness is needed as this can be a pressurizing period, postpone any big decision for a while and you will be benefited
Kanya – You can connect with others and benefit from that, your career moves are generally stable but you will have to bring in lot of regularity in your efforts & work
Do – Financial angle is remarkably placed and that can help you, but you will have to help others with your money as well, as that is needed
Don’t – Don’t forget that changing your own thoughts & views will not help, you will have to prove that you have that strength of thinking which is very essential at every step in life
Tula – Luck is generally with you but wastages are also there side by side, these may be routine kind of issues which you may have to face on day to day basis as that is going to hamper your plans
Day special – Especially on matters connected with your focus you have so many diverse things on your mind, that is where you will have to show your pragmatism, in your forcefulness & self-confidence you should not get into any kind of differences, this may be a negative thought or egoistic behavior which can cause more of stress for you which must be avoided, even routine kind of pressures will have to be controlled for that very reason
Vrishchik – Financial prosperity is intact but routine kind of pressures will continue to bother you, especially in what you wish to do or what you speak you will have to show that restraint at every step
Do – Emotional aspect of life is very well placed, psychologically you are happy that God is kind and that is the goodness which this period brings
Don’t – Don’t show any instability of thought or decisions as far as finances are concerned, especially in decisions where your money may be put into any kind of risk you will have to be very careful
Dhanu – Professional angle has been unstable and needs further planning, for that reason you will have to discuss your matters and take the guidance which is very essential
Day special – Largely therefore it is a period of stability & happiness, you will have to take each step forward with this goodness which you are carrying and also plan for your career to stabilize it further
Makar – Various diverse thoughts are there which complicate your thinking, health is an issue which requires constant care, even to that extent your expenses & wastages have to be curtailed
Do – Protect your finances as much as you can, any kind of risky decision at this stage may hamper your plans
Don’t – Don’t even think of any major changes or travels, for that reason any change of place may also be avoided unnecessarily as it is not really required
Kumbh – Financial aspect is generally stable but you are risking that to some extent, your decisions especially on professional matters may be such that you are unstable in your thoughts which may put pressure on finances as well
Day special – Lot of discussion & guidance is needed which will help you to take the right step forward, you have the ability to convey your thoughts and you will see that many people will help you & guide you to take those decisions to your advantage
Meena – This period is generally happy & supportive and giving you that self-confidence which is needed, so much so that your people will also be helpful in many ways although you may think that it is not enough
Do – From your side you maintain your goodness and connect with others, this is essential because this will help you to draw that goodness which this period is capable of giving you
Don’t – Don’t have any lack of trust for your own well-wishers, for that reason don’t also be too liberal in your expenses just to please others, that is not going to help in the manner in which you expect

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