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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Monday 27 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are giving a lot of importance to relationships and as a result you are happy & optimistic, even to the extent that people around you are supportive & helpful to you in many ways
Day special – Your overall performance in life is improving and is giving you the opportunities which you wish to have, all this is possible because you are yourself stable in your thoughts and positive in your approach
Vrish – Stress & problems in home & family are indicated, even to the extent that there can he pressures as well as losses
Do – Connect with your own people as much as you can, that will remove the pressures and also the problems which you have to face
Don’t – Don’t get into arguments with your partner, that is not going to resolve your issues in any manner, try to remain mild in your approach
Mithun – Your effort to communicate with people around you is going to be beneficial, especially in your work situation as well as in your efforts to study, your linkages with partners or friends will help
Day special – Overall work situation is strong & stable, your partners will come forward to help and your own involvement therefore will remain positive
Karka – There is need for you to plan for repayment of loan, also restructuring of loans because you wish to invest judiciously now
Do – In any discussion it is important to keep your cool, getting into differences will complicate the matters and will take away the goodness of this period
Don’t – Don’t forget the views of your boss which may be very critical at this stage, don’t therefore think that everything is all right even if it seems so
Simha – You are very inclined for some love relationship to prosper, and luck is favoring you and your own people are supporting you
Day special – Your friends & family are helpful & supportive, but there are many hidden issues including the thoughts of your elders which may not tally with your thoughts, you will have to therefore take the views of others and discuss them carefully
Kanya – Changes are on your mind and change of place is something which you wish to take forward, but there may be many hindrances in the process and you may not be able to achieve fully what you wish to achieve
Do – Many factors are coming to focus which will have to be understood, for that reason your outflows also need to be handled carefully otherwise they may convert into loss
Don’t – Don’t therefore make plans or have views which are not sustainable, if you change your own views subsequently then you will be put into difficulty
Tula – Financial prosperity is intact and will motivate you further to work hard, but in the process it may make you very egoistic and that can be dangerous
Day special – Remain very mild and very cooperative, don’t plan for any big moves or changes as those may have hidden obstacles in them
Vrishchik – Gains from work are indicated and you will be happy with that, but you have to be careful in what you speak as any kind of uneasiness can complicate that matter
Do – Involvement in work is remarkable and that is your strength, but routine kind of issues will surface again & again to keep you stressed
Don’t – Don’t get into differences in any discussion or argument, it be better to stay quite and remain cool,
Dhanu – Generally auspicious period and that aspect is very well indicated, your abilities are remarkable and they will be appreciated also now
Day special – Your own goodness is abundant and there is nothing adverse, on the psychological front however you will have to connect with this goodness and stay stable in your mind
Makar – Weak period as many factors can turn against you, especially your boss can be difficult and may even create those pressures indirectly
Do – Outflows & expenses also will therefore have to be controlled, any kind of impulsiveness on decisions connected with travels or change will have to be curtailed
Don’t – Don’t forget that your strength is in your abilities, that is where you have to stay connected and that will help you
Kumbh – Your supporters & well-wishers will come forward and help you, that will also lead to gains from your work and financial gains in a sudden manner
Day special – Overall pattern of goodness is intact, but psychologically you will have to remain stress-free as that is important
Meena – Stress in work is indicated but you will have to take it in your positive stride, if money is required for work then you can think of raising loans
Do – Generally auspicious period to take your life forward and to help you in many ways, therefore it is essential to look at the goodness at every step
Don’t – Don’t forget that health needs to be taken care of, there is no substitute to hard work and to good health, this is something which you will have to remember always

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