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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday 20 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are very focused to gain money and to make money, for that reason you are also having many opportunities in which that goodness is attached to you
Do – The goodness also reflects in a manner that you are getting help & support from your well-wishers, you will have to therefore remain very pleasant to others in whatever you say
Don’t – Don’t forget that luck will also favor you immensely in this process, there can even be gains from property more than what you expect
Vrish – Your own involvement is remarkable and your self-confidence is great to give you all round advantage, but this forcefulness has to be used & utilized in a positive manner so that you gain from every step forward
Day special – There is a risk that your own rigidness may lead to some stress, pressures & differences of opinion, it is not wise to get into conflicts from your own side where no such conflict may even exist
Mithun – You may be strong & impulsive in your outflows and also in fulfilling your desires in emotional relationships, this period therefore connects you with others in a very emotional manner
Do – You may be inclined to spend & waste your money even where moderation is needed, you will have to understand this fact and only then you can protect yourself
Don’t – Don’t forget that past memories should be used in a positive manner, they should not create any negativity or upsets in your life in any manner
Karka – Financial angle is very well placed and you will be benefited enormously, you may be even very keen to make some investment which can prove to be beneficial
Day special – Happiness from your own people is abundantly placed, for that reason luck is also favoring you immensely, but your own efforts must remain stable and pointed in the right direction
Simha – This period is actually motivating you to work hard and to look for options & alternatives, in fact certain alternatives are so strong on your mind that you are just thinking about that
Do – You will have to consider all options and only then take decisions, being too forceful in your thought is not right
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that communicating in some form or the other is going to benefit you, especially in work related situations your advantage is immense
Kanya – Luck is supporting you & helping you especially on financial matters, for that reason you will be able to save & accumulate your wealth to your advantage
Day Special – There is a linkage of your goodness to your own involvement, the more you remain pleasant to others the more you will benefit, remember this simple arithmetic
Tula – While your self-confidence is high but you are using it a bit negatively, for that reason you are increasing your own pressures in personal & professional life
Do – Planning your work related situation properly and remaining mild will help you, that will also help you to understand the views of others
Don’t – Don’t create any wasteful expenses for yourself as they can be harmful to you in the long run, therefore right in the first step remain mild as that will help
Vrishchik – Luck is abundantly helpful to you but you are continuing to remain wasteful in your financial dealings, you may be very keen to help others & support others, but that is another way of your wastages which remains uncontrolled
Day special – You are not happy with your own people who are not realizing the importance of money, therefore you may even lose your temper in the process and in a bid to make others understand
Dhanu – Stressful period psychologically whereas there is no big issue as such, you are thinking a bit too much and that is why you are stressing yourself unnecessarily
Do – Remaining peaceful & mild will help, as such financial situation is supportive & helpful
Don’t – Don’t forget that your family, your well-wishers and even your partners are ever supportive, therefore you will have to understand this goodness and remain satisfied
Makar – Emotional angle is strong on your mind and you may be inclined yourself for that, for that reason some love relationship may surface and may make you happy at the same time
Day special – Work related situation is remarkable and your performance will help you to grow faster, this is the goodness which you carry and which has the blessings and love for you from someone who really cares
Kumbh – Very lucky situations may emerge in your personal life but you will have to keep stress-free at the same time, you must understand that God is kind but you cannot complicate it by any of your own mistakes
Do – Stay peaceful and enjoy this prosperity, it is good to pamper yourself at times
Don’t – Don’t forget that this period can enhance your goodness further by what you speak or communicate, and that is your strength
Meena – Abundantly strong & motivating period to gain knowledge and to benefit from that, but there is an inherent risk of extremes which you carry at this stage
Day special – Don’t try to project yourself more than what you really are, for that reason doing of more than what is required can be dangerous, don’t do that

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