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Friday, December 24, 2010

Saturday 25 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You are increasing your pressures in many ways and not realizing this fully, so much so that you are giving too much importance to minor issues to cause upsets
Day special – Instability of your mind is showing which is causing problems, you will have to remain stable & also take the support which is coming to you
Vrish – You wish to carry some love relationship forward but you are yourself undecided, in whatever you speak you are showing that dissatisfaction which is making relationships unstable
Do – Communicating clearly is very important, you will also have to trust others to gain from these forces
Don’t – Don’t forget that you have the goodness in you abundantly, but you are getting into differences unnecessarily which is complicating the matters
Mithun – In home & family you are getting into stress because of your forceful ways, that is why there is need for you to understand as to what is good for you
Day special – Even in your eating & drinking habits you are causing health related pressures for yourself, you will have to bring in lot of moderation in your lifestyle habits and follow a disciplined regime
Karka – Travels or changes may bother you and may create upsets in your relationships, that is why there is instability in whatever you are thinking or doing
Do – You will have to become very flexible in your views and try to connect with others, only then you can avoid the pressures which are building up in some love relationship as well
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own family is supportive to you in many ways, that overall goodness & auspiciousness is intact but side by side many things needs to be handled
Simha –
Day special –
Tula – Many thoughts of changes may be on your mind, that may include some change of place as well for which you are motivated
Day special – You wish to invest your money and make some property, for that reason also you will have to plan your finances and that will be helpful
Kanya – Financial prosperity is intact but professional issues need to be given more importance, in your career lot of hard work is needed at this stage
Do – As far as your motivation to work hard is there you will have to remove many doubts from your mind, money alone is not the deciding factor for all these matters
Don’t – Instability in your performance is the worst situation, for that reason regularity of your involvement is needed to maintain this goodness which you have achieved
Tula – Luck may be favoring you but routine outflows & wastages are also indicated side by side, work is abundantly rewarding but it has to be maintained at this level for future as well
Day special – Wastages are there because you are not able to plan fully, forgetting everything else you may have to concentrate on your work as that is highly rewarding
Vrishchik – Very lucky period in many ways and you will be benefited, especially on financial inflows God is kind and you are blessed
Do – Many hidden factors are there which are not to your advantage, people are trying to take advantage of you indirectly and using you and your abilities
Don’t – Don’t still forget that God is kind and many things are under control, therefore you may have to forget some irrelevant thoughts which are not important
Dhanu – Psychological pressures will have to be removed from your mind, whether for your partner or for your career you need to be very stable in your mind and remain peaceful
Day special – Overall auspiciousness is with you and there is nothing adverse, but routine kind of expenses are very high which needs to be curtailed
Makar – You are able to connect with others very well and as a result you may gain in many ways, but irregular ways & upsets in health need to be controlled at the same time
Do – As the day progresses your apprehensions may increase, you will have to therefore plan your routine in such a manner that you are not careless
Don’t – Don’t ignore the needs of your partner, whatever be the disagreements you still have to show your care and concern
Kumbh – Your work related situation needs to be handled carefully, especially in using your knowledge & abilities you will have to involve
Day special – Routine kind of pressures can upset you, it can create differences of opinion which are not looking good, therefore you will have to protect yourself from that
Meena – Generally auspicious period for your personal life to be stable, but the instability factor is made up in your mind because you think too much and think in terms of extremes
Do – Generally positive period as the factors are favorable to you in many ways, but you must try & maintain regularity in your involvement as that will help
Don’t – Don’t forget that in matters connected with home & family your thoughts must remain positive on a constant basis, only then you will be able to remove that lack of trust which bothers you and upsets you

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