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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday 13 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – You may be thinking of major changes or major alternatives in life, but you will have to consider the factor that this effort can also become wasteful
Day special – There is a linking issue of financial stability as well as differences of opinion which has to be handled, for that peace & patience may still be required
Vrish – Overall prosperity is indicated very well, gains from work are abundantly available and you will be happy with that
Do – Protecting your money from unnecessary wastages is recommended, nothing should be done which may lead to any loss that may be irrecoverable
Don’t – Don’t therefore plan for big things unless you are yourself convinced, but remember that suddenness in upsets or obstacles is inherently indicated
Mithun – Overall professional stability is indicated, for that reason your supporters & partners are also contributing towards this goodness which will make you happy
Day special – Your involvement with your own people will also contribute towards this goodness, you are therefore connecting with others very well but still there is some instability of your thoughts which needs to be controlled
Karka – Luck is favoring you immensely but this period is a bit negative in many ways, you are becoming a bit egoistic and that can lead to differences as well
Do – Psychologically this period needs that you must remain peaceful, stressing yourself or creating pressures for yourself will lead to conflicts only
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too stressed at the same time, peace & patience is required and happiness is to be maintain in personal life
Simha – Personal relationships are such which may have inherent stress in them, you may be keen to take some love relationship forward but you will have to convince many people as to what you are thinking
Day special – Your discussions will have to be done with lot of peace, only then you will be able to resolve these issues to some extent
Kanya – Personal life issues are stable and there is overall happiness for you in it, but psychologically you may be inclined to create stress & disturbances as a result of your own thinking
Do – Any thing which leads to differences of opinion will have to be avoided, but that factor starts with your own extremes of thought which must be avoided
Don’t – Don’t let any weakness come in your studies as a result, you have to understand the focus which needs to be maintained over a period of time and that is essential
Tula – Health related issues are such which needs constant care, more important than that is the fact that relationships will have to be nurtured & cared for regularly
Day special – Your overall situation therefore reflects issues connected with relationships which are important to you, nothing should lead to creating any kind of rift which will be difficult to bridge
Vrishchik – Personal relationships are important to you and you will have to connect with your own people fully and whole-heartedly, for that reason your involvement is praiseworthy and that is helping you also
Do – In matters connected with discussions you will have to keep lot of patience, otherwise you may be misunderstood and may lead to routine kind of issues unnecessarily
Don’t – Don’t forget that overall pattern of rewards is well placed & is stable, there is nothing really to worry as God is kind in many ways
Dhanu – Personal life issues and connecting with home & family is important to you, you have abundant happiness as a result and this is the goodness which will prevail over a period of time
Day special – Your practical views will be appreciated and that is important, that will further improve your overall happiness factor in your personal life
Makar – Some changes or travels may be on your mind, but you will have to discuss your matters carefully & patiently
Do – Whatever travels are there will also have to be planned in line with your pragmatism, overall professional pattern is also stable and helping you in many ways
Don’t – Don’t be too wasteful in your approach in the process, careful planning is essential at each step forward and that will help
Kumbh – Financial prosperity is indicated and there is nothing adverse, if you discuss your matters your image will improve and you will be benefited further
Day special – There is some amount of stiff attitude which is not looking good, in all that goodness of your abilities this is a weakness which can dampen and reduce that goodness, especially on matters of your wastages you may be blamed for what you have done
Meena – You may be keen for changes but those are not really required, there is a risk that you may even change your own plans and change your own decisions subsequently
Do – Maintain the stability of this period which is indicated well, for that reason you will have to depend on others and take their guidance in the process
Don’t – Don’t be too impulsive especially in some love relationship, that can lead to those factors where you may go wrong in your decision making, don’t let that happen

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