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Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday 18 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – Happy & supportive period as financial prosperity is intact, you are also able to see goodness in others and that is important
Do – You are coming out of apprehensions and becoming positive in your approach, that is important and that resolves many issues
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own people can be a source of happiness & strength to you and that is important, you must stay connected with them to get the full advantage
Vrish – Your own thinking is too rigid which is not looking good, you may be thinking of even wastages or decisions which may lead to wastages but that is where some careful planning is required
Day special – Any big decisions or changes will have to be avoided, this is not the period for that as it cannot give you expected rewards
Mithun – Relationships are important and they will make you happy, for that reason your own people are highly supportive for you at every step
Do – You have to please others in whatever form it is possible, for that reason you may be even trying to help others or give them gifts and all that is part of your own goodness
Karka – Financial prosperity is evident in your overall happiness which is continuing, your home & family is therefore highly supportive to you especially in taking your career forward
Day special – There are many issues in your work place which needs to be handled with caution, getting into conflicts of any sort can be dangerous and you must avoid that
Simha – Remaining optimistic is a remarkable situation, that can help you to achieve so much more in life and that is what is possible
Do – Even luck is favoring you now and many things are becoming favorably placed, that includes your career growth as well
Don’t – Still don’t expect too much from relationships despite all your efforts being put in that direction, you will have to go slow as that is advantageous
Kanya – Excellent period for financial prosperity although you may not be still as happy as you should be, because more than finances you have other worries on your mind
Day Special – Many obstacles in your personal life can still be there to be handled, for that reason you will also have to become stress-free and try to resolve your personal life issues with patience
Tula – Your self-confidence will help you to be good to others, and your help to others will indirectly benefit you by increasing your own sense of involvement & motivation
Do – There are areas of disagreements which need to be handles, relationships are not as stable as you would like them to be
Don’t – Don’t therefore forget that some amount of confusion may still be there on your mind, but as long as there is overall sense of protection there is nothing to worry
Vrishchik – Your expenses are high and you are not able to control them, that is why you may carry some psychological stress also on your mind at the same time
Day special – Financial angle is generally stable and you are able to benefit from that, as a result even if some expenses are more you will have to accept that as a reality
Dhanu – Overall prosperity is intact and there is nothing to worry, your relationships are giving you a lot of happiness and for that reason God is kind
Do – Love & affection in relationships also require some moderation, especially in what you wish to do for others you will have to understand your own limitations
Don’t – Don’t therefore be too emotional in what you think, carrying a practical approach is always beneficial
Makar – Work related situation can protect you from many issues, many things causing pressures on your mind will have to be avoided or postponed for the time being
Day special – Especially all those thoughts of outflows, expenses or major changes will have to be postponed, it is not wise to take big decisions overnight as they cannot be the right decisions
Kumbh – Luck is abundantly with you and this is a highly lucky period in many ways, for that reason your own involvement is remarkable
Do – Continue to work hard and you will be benefited, for that reason routine pressures & issues will also be have to be accepted as a reality
Don’t – Don’t forget that disagreements especially in personal relationships will have to be controlled, especially in love relationship you will have to show your patience
Meena – Certain pressures or upsets are indicated, you may feel that not everything is stable as you have many responsibilities to fulfill
Day special – If you have to arrange funds especially for your work then that is something which has to be done, despite obstacles that issue takes priority and other things can wait

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