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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thursday 2 December 2010, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Mesh – A lucky period has started for you, you are able to connect with others and take the benefit from others
Do – This period also suggests that you have to avoid any misunderstandings at the same time, those misunderstandings can be in relationships as well as in your performance
Don’t – Don’t forget that your boss has bigger expectations from you, therefore you will have to perform to your utmost and only then you will be benefited
Vrish – Stressful period as you may have to face many obstacles, people may not agree to your views and that can further complicate the matters
Day special – You will have to become very mild in your approach and only then things will start improving, it may take time but it will have to be done from your side as there is no other solution
Mithun – In personal relationships everything may seem all right, but there are hidden factors which are causing differences of opinion and which can complicate the matters
Do – People who are important will have to be given their importance, only then misunderstandings can be controlled, you will have to think rationally on that
Don’t – Don’t be too firm in trying to fulfill your desires, let others move at the same pace and only then you should push any one to fulfill your desires
Karka – Stress in home is building up and that is where the complications are also there, even in relationships you are not able to resolve the issues despite your efforts
Day special – Some love relationship therefore is also under pressure, you are trying to communicate but still the situation is not improving fully
Simha – Auspicious period for relationships to prosper, even some love relationship can be beneficial because your efforts are right and your focus is right
Do – Remain optimistic and remain transparent in your views, that will help you immensely
Don’t – Don’t forget that your own commitment towards your own people is the major force or strength which you have, by doing that you will be finding happiness and making your path smooth
Kanya – You are able to communicate well with others and that will help you to connect with others, for that reason the conflicts of home & family will also be under control
Day Special – Still efforts may be required to connect with others, you may be handling difficult people and that is where you will have to take adequate precautions
Tula – Your self-confidence is high and that will help you immensely, even on the financial front you will be benefited because your efforts are becoming very positive in the process
Do – Your commitment in your work and involvement can bring enormous rewards, especially on improving your performance this can be a remarkable period from which you have to take advantage
Don’t – Don’t let any kind of confusion or misunderstanding appear, in your own forcefulness you may get into those misunderstandings which are not looking good
Vrishchik – You are being a bit negative and a bit stiff in your attitude, that is why you are becoming angry and that anger has to be controlled
Day special – Work related situation is to be handled perfectly, that is the strength which you carry and you must stay committed to that
Dhanu – Financial aspect is stable and there is nothing to worry, you will be able to cover your expenses also as a result and there may not be any big problem
Do – Your abilities need to be upgraded for which the period continues to show strength, you will have to start thinking about it and only then those factors will emerge
Don’t – Don’t annoy people who are important, that is where your carefulness is needed immensely
Makar – Work related situation is important but is becoming stressful very silently, your partners or well-wishers may support you but they have their own selfish agenda to fulfill
Day special – Work is your strength and you have to stay connected with that, routine kind of stress, pressures & wastages will have to be avoided at each step now
Kumbh – Lucky period generally and there is nothing adverse, rewards from your work are abundant and you are blessed
Do – Psychologically you may have to connect with your well-wishers and partners, that is the reason that your efforts will start giving positive results in a very forceful manner
Don’t – Don’t let routine kind of issues spoil your focus or create uneasiness on your mind, that is not actually required
Meena – Even if situation is stressful you have to stay cool, the advantage of this period lies in the fact that luck is favoring you & supporting you immensely
Day special – Your own supporters & well-wishers will come forward and help you, even for that matter your family will be highly supportive and you will be benefited, God is kind in many ways

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