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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

11th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Emotional relationships are under pressure, there can be conflicts and differences, studies are not upto the mark, you have wasted a lot of precious time, you are depending on luck, luck favors you but that cannot give everything, purusharth karna padega
Very auspicious period, elders may not support your views, for that you may be worried, career is stable and happy, you are forceful and firm in your attitude, that is a tremendous self confidence
Very auspicious period, career is stable, you are getting excellent support, but your own efforts are not stable, due to that differences with boss may emerge, don’t create any difference or dispute from your side, stay calm
Generally lucky period, but you are uneasy because there is lack of trust, whether it is in relationships or financial matters, you have to trust others, otherwise conflicts may emerge, those can have professional connections also
Very stable period, finances strong, career growing, you are committed in your involvements or relationships, but you are worried that someone may cheat you, don’t be so uneasy, have faith in God
Family happiness ensured, yo want that these good times should continue, you dread any kind of change, change or transfer – that worries you, finances are stable and that gives you a lot of happiness
Very auspicious and lucky period, avoid any kind of financial upsets or disputes, your family and involvement can give you enormous gains, don’t spoil that focus on account of your unstable thinking
Very auspicious and lucky period, some worries about your career bother you, you want that everything should continue the way it is, remember that nothing is permanent, everything will change, only one thing is permanent and that is change
Very stable period, self confidence is high, far off linkages or thoughts have to emerge now, financial prosperity is well indicated, major decisions of life are in the offing, the period is gradually becoming strong and favourable
Weak period, expenses high, obstacles are there, you are worried, protect your self against any kind of financial loss, career is stable, concentrate on that
Excellent financial gains, business partnerships can cause concerns, disputes and obstacles connected with that, but luck favors you immensely to protect you in every way
Profession is stable, don’t get into differences at your work place, especially in any matter connected with finances or expenses, your efforts are there but obstacles are continuing to bother you, some patience is needed in this period

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