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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

19th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Good times, if you enter into disputes then this goodness will be reduced, even mild disputes should be avoided, expenses or financial loss can lead to this dispute, protect your self from all this
Students are under pressure now, precious time is being lost, even financial pressures can be there, it is a weak period which requires increased efforts, career is stable, there is no worry connected with that
You have lot of doubts on your mind, those are connected with home and family, but you have all kind of support available to you, your career is particularly strong, students are studying well
Weak period, expenses, travels, looses, all can lead to problems and conflicts, have a lot of patience, [protect your professional stability, savings may to be there but your needs are being met
You are stressed on financial matters, financial needs of your family and children have to be met, you are worried for that, But God has already thought about that for you, then why do you worry
Personal well-being is ensured, family support and support form spouse is well indicated, but career is under stress, there are constant obstacles connected with that, , the real reason is the weakness in your own involvement
Health concerns can be there, even expenses can increase leading to loss like situation, your focus towards life is very practical and positive, , that is a big boon which you have
Concerns about children, mild disputes connected with their matters may bother you, ascertain the facts don’t be under any doubt, decision must be made on facts of life
Very favorable period, personal and professional well being is ensured, luck is supporting you in every way, don’t have any self created doubts on your mind, family support is with you
Weak period, disputes can lead to loss, don’t expect too much, void differences, only then you will be able to concentrate on your career, that will prove to be your strength
Financial prosperity is ensured, you will gain from weak situations also, your knowledge and skills will come to your advantage, overall auspiciousness is there
Partners will support you in your business, that is the favorable ness of the period, your boss or someone who is important connected with your work may be against you, that needs very careful handling

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