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Thursday, December 20, 2007

20th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Happiness form family and spouse, but worries for professional settlement of children, you need not worry, your life is having overall blessings and auspiciousness, your inclinations towards spirituality will also help you
Concerns and tensions for house family children, your eating habits may also cause problems, all this needs moderation and patience, your boss may not be in your favor, this can be due to lack of trust
You are worried and dissatisfied about travels, your focus should be towards career, partnerships even marriage, all these are strong areas, don’t be needlessly worried, some obstacles are there but generally you are on the right track
Very weak period, tensions about money as well as profession, dissatisfactions are there and they have to be avoided, boss is not in your favor, you have to protect yourself from this situation, one way is to involve in your career
You are dissatisfied from the overall situation in which you are placed, this dissatisfaction will lead to your growth, you will realize the importance to improve your education skills knowledge, that is the key to success
You are tense and worried, nothing is actually wrong but you are under stress, health situation can be added reason, but financial position is stable, career is also stable but routine obstacles are there
You are not happy about the financial inflows, although there is no real reason for that, you are keen to achieve much more, that is the cause of dissatisfactions, students are working hard but you have to believe in your self
Some intrigues against you at your work place, but you are creating too much pressure on your mind, you are your own critic and enemy, that is to be protected
Emotional inclinations are strong, but you are worried, luck favors you immensely, your self confidence will also support you in your decisions
Hidden worries about home and family, these are nothing but ups and downs of your own thinking, many problems are created by you yourself, have faith and don’t think negatively
If you trust others your trust will be rapid in a positive way, your own efforts will further improve all this to make this period strong
Worries for health are there, proper investigations are needed, even in financial expenses and losses worries will be there, career is stable, but financial pressures will continue to bother you

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