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Sunday, December 2, 2007

2nd December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your thoughts concentrated on emotions relationships and marriage, emotions are weak, but marriage is strong, this difference needs to be understood, In emotions you may be cheated also
You are being too forceful, that can lead to differences, pressures are increasing on you, you will have to perform, financial pressures will also be there, but you have the ability to keep everything in order
Your desires are strong, that is the guiding force for you, any relationships should be long lasting, otherwise nothing will be achieved, a little understanding on this will make you move on the right path
Very favorable period for prosperity and happiness in life, career needs better involvement, you have been ignoring that you are continuing to make mistakes, even legal complications may bother you
Excellent period for career advancement, you have worked hard for this goodness, all this auspiciousness will give you good financial gains. You will be happy that everything is stable and there is nothing really to worry
Lucky period for finances and overall stability, but you are stressed, many sudden issues keep on bothering you, don’t initiate any changes, even travels need care, only then you will keep these forces of obstacles under control
Very auspicious period, your self confidence can do wonders, on top of that your focus is very positive, all this can give you happiness, stability in life, steep rise or promotions is possible in this period,
You are thinking of changes in life, but that can be a mistake, take each step with care, don’t bring about needless changes as they can be stressful, committed and focused involvement towards will prove beneficial
Very auspicious period, can t be better than this, luck supports you, self confidence remarkable, financial gains and prosperity indicated, don’t push for any major changes, those can bring stress, enjoy of the goodness of these times
Extremely good period for your career, constant efforts are giving these results, financial pressures will remain, you must accept that weakness
Very stable period for happiness and harmony in life, God is kind in many ways, family happiness is ensured, luck favors you, don’t give importance to routine pressures, pressure is the price which you pay when you become successful
Stressful period, family relations and personal life is under pressure that needs a lot of moderation avoid any kind of conflicts on the personal front

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