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Monday, December 31, 2007

31st December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are dissatisfied from the results of your efforts, especially your involvement towards family is not giving matching response from others, that causes psychological upsets in you, the problem is that your own focus is erratic
Despite your focus towards relationships you may be facing problems and oppositions, this is especially for any love relationship, your elders in home or seniors in office may not appreciate your viewpoint
Your positive attitude towards family will win your support and love from everyone, but some differences of opinion may still be there, you are also ignoring the importance of taking care of your health
You are doing your best but the results or rewards are not flowing in the manner in which you expect, professionally weak period because your abilities are not adequate, for that reason your boss is not in your favor
Good period for financial prosperity and inflows, this is despite your negative attitude towards money, bring some moderation in your attitude, you are seriously involved in some emotional relationship
You are keen to look for alternatives, career is stable, you wish to give it a further boost for growth and stability, your focus is clear and you should forge ahead in this path, luck favors the brave and it is favoring you
Your desire to bring about changes in you life and profession is not proper, you have to consider the pros and cons of that decision, change is not recommended at this stage, it can lead to many upsets in smooth flow of life
Very lucky period for financial inflows, that is the strength of this period, your knowledge has supported you in this effort, it is a good period to gain from these forces, you can stabilize your life in this period
Stable period in many ways, but you are a bit worried for you career, just don’t worry these are in the form of anxieties, God is there to take care of that
Your partners and associates will be helpful but you will not be able to gain from these forces, conflicts and differences will spoil this opportunity, and then you will have to repent later
Weak period in many ways, psychologically as well as otherwise, pressures may be there on you, you need to shed these confusion of your mind and only then the right thinking will emerge
Excellent period for converting your love relationship into marriage, family is supportive but still some obstacles may bother you, you have to protect yourself from all this by your constant efforts

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