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Monday, December 24, 2007

24th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You have the courage to face the world, but you get uneasy when finances are not stable, don’t be disturbed by issues like this, look at your bigger strengths in life
Some movement transfer or change can upset you, expenses or outflows can be upsetting fro this reason, don’t op for raising loans, that money may get wasted
You think that luck does not favor you, but look at your strengths, they outweigh the luck factor completely, it is a period which is financially stable, but consider your liabilities also while considering your financial strengths
Weak period on many fronts, expenses and obstacles, psychologically you are more worried for all these factors, these can cause pressures, health upsets because you are not taking care of eating habits
Emotions but family may be against you, they may not support your view, that makes you very tense, profession and financial prosperity will cover this weakness adequately
Pressures on your profession, due to that your dissatisfactions will increase, that can cause differences and disputes, avoid all this because it can harm your interests only
You don’t trust your own abilities, whereas you are just doing fine, to be successful you don’t have to be extra ordinary, if possible strive for that, majority of successful people are average in their intelligence, hence don’t worry
You are uneasy and stressed, family matters keep you occupied, you always wish to do the best for others, that causes stress on you, this is the period to participate in the happiness of your loved ones
Everything is alright and you are doing fine, but you are worried for travel or distance, that is stressful for you, as long as there is happiness and prosperity why do you worry
Financial stress bothers you, taking or giving loans are on your mind, financial issues are in the focus, losses expenses and wastages have to be curtailed,
You are dissatisfied with the relationships, but be truthful, then you can expect that truthfulness in return, luck is so supportive that nothing will go wrong, hence have patience
Expenses on property constructions even on family bother you, you are trying to manage things within your resources, but they are getting out of your hand, travels can further cause setback and obstacles

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