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Sunday, December 9, 2007

9th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal , Weekly

Stressful period, performance is weak, efforts not upto the mark, differences of opinion are there, routine stresses are there to bother you, your emotions and relationships are also under a cloud
Stable and auspicious period for you abilities to shine, students will do well, finances stable and happy, emotional involvement can lead to long lasting bond, have positive outlook in life
Personal and family problems are surfacing to give you uneasiness, you may not be able to control these forces despite your efforts, but you must try that from your side, your supporters and well wishers will help you in difficult times
Travels changes and expenses, all are indicted, you must focus on your strengths, students need to work hard, your efforts are very erratic, that will not be beneficial
Excellent period for financial inflows and prosperity, but your worries are for your outflows, you will gin from any investment in property, generally stable and happy period for you
Change transfer movement all these may bother you, there are hindrances in the smooth flow of your work, divine protection in the form of blessings is well indicated
Financial situation is very lucky but routine outflows are causing pressures, you are not satisfied with your profession, but it still provides you a sense of well being, that is also important in life
Weak period, routine stress and obstacles are there, still financial position is good to give you stable inflows, you seem to be a bit stressed, this is basically stress of work, try to relax
You are worried for someone who is away, but there is no real cause for concern as these are passing influences, you are in a very favorable period in which many things will turn in your favor
Financial disputes may bother you, but luck will favor you, career is stable, obstacles will still be there, , a mixed period in which you are a bit dissatisfied
Pressure on career, even business partnerships may be under problems, psychological factors of differences need to be controlled, don’t make up issues in your mind, financial position is very strong to give you happiness
Auspicious period, avoid differences with spouse or in the family, divine protection is there to support and help you, but hidden factors need to be controlled, monetary disputes may be there, avoid that

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