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Saturday, December 8, 2007

8th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Your abilities are under stress, there are work related pressures of responsibilities, you are under pressure for achieving your goals org targets, the can be differences with boss also for these reasons
Career stable but you are over sensitive, if in business then you are having problems with partners, your expectations are too high and they are not being met
Weak period, obstacles and disputes, career is stable, but you are being pressurized for performing more, health issues are also problematic, your friends have erratic behavior
Financial pressures, even obstacles of general nature have the impact on your finances, for all these weaknesses you tend to spend more that leads to wastages or losses,
Differences of opinion or conflicts some concerns about family related issues that give dissatisfactions, these need a lot of care, peace and stability is threatened, your focus towards home and family will improve this situation
Wasteful expenses, health issues leading to problems lack of skills and knowledge further cause pressures on you, you have to improve al these to maintain stability
Very auspicious and stable period, financial gains from your own strengths, you are capable and that gives you these gains, psychologically you should be more at peace, you tend to be under pressure especially on the psychological front
Your entire effort is on your career, your work is important to you, that commitment is remarkable, luck may not favor you as much but as long as your own work is strong you need not worry
Lucky financial gains, protection from sudden upsets, profession strong but connected with stress, you have to take full advantage of these good times
Finances may be stuck because you have not taken enough care, someone may also try to cheat you, financial disputes are building up, that needs a lot of careful handling
Dissatisfactions connected with career, changes are on your mind, but your should target and focus on your hard work rather than anything else, financial gains are good and that keeps you stress free
Financial disputes are there, you can’t avoid that, taking and giving loans is activated, partnerships are under stress also, lot of careful handling is required in this period

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