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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

4th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

You are uneasy and dissatisfied because of family matters, even property issues are not satisfactory, still avoid disputes, students need to work hard as this is a weak period for their efforts
You are trying to improve your efforts, that will bring good results, overall stability will be achieved in life, you are generally happy in this period, but you are too rigid and that can lead to differences, avoid that
Property investment can be considered, involvement towards family will bring happiness, I am saying this because some hidden factors of upsets are there, your involvement can protect your from this uneasiness
Your performance can be remarkable because your heart and soul is in this commitment, this can bring excellent rewards for you, your abilities will be recognized and appreciated
Financial pressures, not because you are earning less but because you are spending more, that causes tensions eventually, but there is nothing really to worry, God is kind in many ways, you will do well and do your duties fully
Excellent period for financial gains, overall prosperity is ensured, your savings will be stable, happiness from prosperity is indicated, routine pressures and stress will be there, that needs moderation
You think that changes will give improvement in career, but that is not true, you have to be very careful, don’t take any hasty decision, you are in happy times, that needs to be protected
Very lucky financial inflows, professional stability is also intact, you are doing fine, far off linkages can be rewarding, look for those opprotuntieis also
Pressures on your job, but from your side you are doing fine, protect your self from the ups and downs of thinking of your boss, that can cause stress, but generally stable period, there is nothing to worry
You are trying to involve better towards family, that is a good indications, career is very stable, there is nothing to worry, stay calm and do your duties, don’t panic
Weak period, stress and tensions, even mild conflicts need to be protected, more of psychological reasons than real ones, career is stable
Emotional involvement is indicted, that can give you happiness, career is stable, overall happiness is there, God is kind in giving you all these indications, you have to be thankful to God

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