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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

5th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Constant efforts are lacking, that is the cause for concern, ups and downs of thinking cause psychological dissatisfactions, be more practical in life, don’t let routine issues bother you, God is kind in many ways and luck supports you
Change of job is on your mind, that bothers you, you are uneasy and undecided, don’t take any major decision, just relax, career is stable, then why worry so much
Financial inflows are good, they can be in any form, health is a hidden concern which may upset your plans, lot of care is required, I can say for sure that lot of protection is there and nothing wrong will happen
Your focus towards career is positive you want to work hard because you are confused, in such circumstances it is the right thing to do, your involvement towards studies is to be increased, especially if they are professional studies
Very auspicious and stable period for you, especially for overall happiness and financial gains, good times must last, if you are able to achieve that then you are successful, for that you have to take the blessings of others also
Stressful period for career, hidden factors and lack of focus, ups and downs of thinking, but every situation has some goodness attached to it, financial stability is with you and that is the wish of God
Very auspicious period for financial prosperity, your sense of well being is ensured, but you are getting needlessly perturbed, your strength lies in your ability to work hard, not many people have that strength, students must understand this
You are confused uneasy and upset, routine matters will keep on bothering you, you have to de-stress yourself in this period, and leave the rest to God
You are seriously thinking bout your emotions marriage and far off linkages, career is important, a balanced view is to be achieved in marriage and career, that is very important in life
Family and financial disputes need to be controlled, your strength lies in your career in these times, avoid any other issue as it is not to your advantage, even financial stress can be there, don’t plan any investment in this period
Your abilities must be reflected in your career, otherwise your efforts are waste, day to day issues are there for everyone, don’t be under stress for that, strength of your financial position will take care of many things
Excellent period for financial prosperity, professional excellence some confusion about outflows and financial requirements may be there, generally you have the ability to handle all this well

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