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Friday, December 14, 2007

14th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Home and career these are the two areas of interest and focus for you, you may also like to buy some prosperity, luck supports you in your efforts, but your efforts are not enough, they need to be improved
The more you work better your luck will support you, this shows that luck favors the brave, your career is very stable, your psychological well being is also supporting you for higher achievements
Stressful period for financial matters, you are more worried than what this period indicates actually, your support level is so good that you will not be under any problems, you tend to be drawn into problems and that is the weakness
Best of times with your family, focus towards marriage and spouse can give you lot of happiness, but money can be the cause of differences, that has to be controlled
Health concerns, outflows and losses and connected pressures give you stress, you are dissatisfied because of all this, but I feel that health is most important out of these
Lack of trust and differences of opinion can cause problems, financial stability is ensured, but wasteful expenses have to be controlled, students need to take care because your hard work is also not good enough
Involvement towards family, gains from family, even friends can be very supportive, career is looking very stable, you must take advantage of tall these forces
Travels can be very gainful, far off connections can give you the right kind of opportunities, luck supports you in all this, avoid any self-created mistakes, think before taking any decision
Sudden gains and lucky developments but avoid any risky ventures, stable period but why take chances, that is not required, God is kind to you in many ways
Spouse is supportive but you are yourself the cause for many problems, you cannot blame any one else for these problems but yourself, career is table but financial pressures are there
Health concerns and psychological concerns, be careful bout lack of diagnosis, don’t ignore that you may be worried for losses and ups and downs in career
Financial gains are indicated, but financial disputes may also bother you, hidden factors of uneasiness are there, students are performing well, that is your strength

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