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Thursday, December 13, 2007

13th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Professional problems for you, boss is against you, your efforts are not adequate, that can cause problems, lot of care and hard work is needed to protect from professional concerns
Emotional involvement is serious, still there are differences, you are too firm in your attitude, elders may not support you or appreciate your views
Very weak period, differences conflicts in family, that upsets you, you have to stay connected with the areas of your strengths, these are your career, students are also doing well
You have to put your heart and soul in your relationships, because of that many things are suffering, you have to create a balance in your life, your career your health your focus all of these are under pressure
Health concerns are on your mind, but nothing adverse is there, you are alright, financial position is also stable, family is supportive, divine blessing is with you
Change transfer movement some such pressures, your abilities are also under pressure, because you are not performing as per the expectations, you have to improve your focus, that will improve your professional stability also
Financial prosperous period, your well being is well reflected, routine outflows are high, that can cause concern, gains from property are also indicated
Your performance I remarkable, you want to work hard, that will give you excellent financial gains also, sable and auspicious period for you
Luck supports you, your auspiciousness is getting linked with far off places, financial savings are important to you, that will prove helpful in the long run, this is also part of good times which you are passing through
All kinds of pressures on your finances, because you are thinking too much about money only, actually you should concentrate on your career a this stage, your spouse will prove to be very supportive
Business partners will be supportive to you, but avoid differences with spouse, that can cause psychological upsets and dissatisfactions
Profession related stress may be there, but you have to keep patience, financial gains will make you happy, your family needs your care

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