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Friday, December 7, 2007

7th December 2007, Vedic Astrology Forecasts, Rashi Phal

Very lucky period, all kinds of goodness, financial prosperity happiness and well-being, most importantly luck favors you, and gives you those factors of auspiciousness
Obstacles and pressures, even health issues and dissatisfactions, you are your own enemy also. Because you are not able to find out who is your real enemy or friend, maintain calm only then you will be able to realize that
Extremely good period for emotions marriage and career, hidden differences are there, but that is not the focus area today, enjoy the auspiciousness of good times, even business partners can be very supportive
Family happiness gains and prosperity health needs investigations and treatment, because there are factors of lack of diagnosis, even family disputes need some care
Emotions strong but inherent oppositions are there, on professional front your performance is remarkable, that is your real strength, remember that in this period relationships are important
Strength and happiness from family, your professional end financial prosperity is of utmost importance to you, lucky period to give you these virtues
Seemingly strong and stable period but hidden factors of differences may be there, don’t give it so much of importance, just work hard and fulfill your responsibilities
Financially stable period, emotionally fulfilling, but emotions should not be mixed up with desires, financial situations such that you will be able to save well, even investments can prove to be profitable
Very lucky and stable period on all counts, but profession can be stressful, differences with boss, you are being too stiff and rigid in your attitude
Stable for career, don’t undertake any change, even avoid wasteful expenses, those can put you in difficulty, travels should be avoided, control financial stress of any form
Very lucky and auspicious period, real strength lies in your financial inflows, that is the area of your focus also, avoid being too uneasy, stay calm
Despite obstacles you are doing very well, professionals stability is appearing in a very big way, this is the period of your professional consolidation, that will lead to your overall stability also, that will give you happiness

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